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New Profile Posts

  1. readingomnivore
    readingomnivore daniel bogogolela
    I don't understand what I'm accused of. I have not seen anything involving you, and I certainly have hot written anything referring to you as "dude." I think you have me confused with someone else.
  2. daniel bogogolela
    daniel bogogolela readingomnivore
    please get to know me better and have a good night's sleep. I don't know how come I'm still not known. I hate being called dude, unknown, that guy.................................
  3. Andy*
    Somewhere Rambling on , Over the hills and Far away...
  4. Bede
    Bede Conscious Bob
  5. Wesley Comal
    Wesley Comal
    29 years old, Dreadlocks. Green eyes. Tall, dark, handsome.Good looking, sought after and mysterious, Rylan Finn has everything a woman..
  6. Wesley Comal
  7. cdthewriter
    Living the writer's life.
  8. Kassandra Russell-Davis
    Kassandra Russell-Davis
    Determination can make anything happen
  9. Natalia Banks
    Natalia Banks
    Hi everyone <3
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  10. Tabish
    I write.
  11. I_lived_A_thousand_lives
    I shiver involuntarily as my fingers caress the spine, I am about to plunge into another adventure...
  12. Yours Truly Soniya
    Yours Truly Soniya
    Within the last 10 chapters and it's like finishing the end of a long race. It's my passion. Where do you find the ambition to keep going?
  13. Yours Truly Soniya
    Yours Truly Soniya
    A few more months and I'll be done with the first draft of my first novel. It's been four plus years of tears and love in the creation.
  14. olivianorem
    Currently working on my next books, reading a book a day and consuming vast quantities of coffee (survival juice) and wine (thinking juice)
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    2. MattG
      What kind of stuff do you write?
      Mar 7, 2017
    3. Yours Truly Soniya
      Yours Truly Soniya
      I just out ran out of wine. I'm done writing.
      Mar 9, 2017
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  15. Violet Smyth
    Violet Smyth Benjamin K.M. Kellogg
    Hello there Ben. I've never spoken to anyone via this forum before. Thank you for you welcome!
    1. Benjamin K.M. Kellogg
      Benjamin K.M. Kellogg
      You're welcome. I hope you do well on this site, too. Good luck. Ben
      Feb 27, 2017
  16. Violet Smyth
    Violet Smyth
    Still writing..
  17. Benjamin K.M. Kellogg
    Benjamin K.M. Kellogg
    I am currently working on my sixth children's book and editing my novel.
  18. leitordinamico
  19. uri norwich
    uri norwich
    AUDIO-BOOK "A Sometimes Strange Story" by Uri Norwich Released Today. Narrated /Produced by Actor Thaddeus Maximo. Amazon Apple Audio-Book.
  20. Richard Crofton
    Richard Crofton
    1. Yours Truly Soniya
      Yours Truly Soniya
      Mar 9, 2017