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Recent content by A very special guest

  1. A very special guest

    Everton FC

    Any other football fans on BR?
  2. A very special guest

    Your source format of choice

    When listening to music or speech or both, what is your source format of choice?
  3. A very special guest

    A request to ALL members

    If anyone has any cassettes they do not use or have not used, will they please get in touch with me?
  4. A very special guest

    Barbelo - The Story of Jesus Christ

    I will, are you able to handle critique in the negative, if I feel I have some to offer?
  5. A very special guest

    Spam Feature Added

    Is there such a thing as Forum spam? If a forum is to present opinion and promote debate, what exactly is spam? I find the idiot who constantly fills these pages with pornography and distasteful meanderings under the guise of poetry, offensive in the extreme but it is not actually spam is it? Or...
  6. A very special guest

    June 2015: Hilary Mantel - Wolf Hall

    I think Thomas Cromwell will go down in history as the sadistic bully who destroyed Thomas More. What troubled me about Mantel was her poor grammar. Specifically her sudden switching of tenses; were it not for the B.B.C.'s obsession with the Tudors, I think she would have faded into obscurity...
  7. A very special guest

    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    I have read too many books to have a favourite. I suspect regular readers would all have the same quandry. I have read Barclay, but aftyer a while he is pretty formulaic.
  8. A very special guest

    Help Me Please!!!!!

    Write to your local school librarian. Or pop into your local library, they will have a juvenile section. Are you a child or is it for one of your children?
  9. A very special guest

    Barbelo - The Story of Jesus Christ

    I will put it on my list, although since his grave was discovered and his family life became general knowledge I doubt anyone has anything new to say?!!!
  10. A very special guest

    June 2015: Hilary Mantel - Wolf Hall

    Read this some time ago, what do I do now?
  11. A very special guest

    The Illiterate Messiah of Illiterate Literature Puking a Poem at You

    Have a go at something intelligent and real. Challenge yourself.
  12. A very special guest

    A very special guest fills you in.

    It ended a bit Mills and Boon and set me on a spell of non fiction reading.
  13. A very special guest

    What makes a good sci-fi story?

    A grounding in good science, with a futuristic bent. As opposed to Science-Fantasy which does not need to have the above.
  14. A very special guest


    Their debut album is truly superb.
  15. A very special guest

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Camel - Harbour of Tears.