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Recent content by biffmitchell

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    Blowing Up: Stories on the Edge of the End

    New from Double Dragon Publishing. Welcome to the World You Live In It’s a mess. It’s diseased, polluted, over-populated and too close to the sun. But it’s all we have and we’re losing it fast, so we may as well have a good laugh before the sun reaches out and reclaims us. In Blowing Up...
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    Just released from Double Dragon: Blowing Up!

    How do you explain the new couch to your girlfriend when she calls you three years after she died? How long would you live if you had to write grammatically correct essays for food…every day? What do you do when death forgets you? When you’ve killed all the bad guys…who’s left? These crazy...
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    Coming this Fall!

    Blowing Up Coming this Fall from Double Dragon Publishing (an imprint of Fiction4All)! Stories to guide you safely into the end of days. https://www.facebook.com/Blowing-Up-103572168743719/
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    Hi! I'm a writer of speculative fiction

    You can read more about me and my books at biffmichell.com. Lot's of free stuff there as well.