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Recent content by direstraits

  1. direstraits

    NETFLIX; What do you recommend to watch right now?

    Me too! I just started not too Long ago. The leads are incredibly good looking. I noticed if you binge, however, the story gets samey after a while. And I’m reading the comic, and it’s really good too.
  2. direstraits

    Finnegans Wake in Translation

    And btw, Polly, your intro post is super interesting and well written! Got me really interested in the book! After reading Ulysses and comparing that to some of the incredibly lucid prose in his short stories, I've always thought Joyce was playing an elaborate prank on everyone.
  3. direstraits

    Finnegans Wake in Translation

    I too thought about English to English translations. :) Beer Good said once many years ago about how translators are actually almost equally responsible for the work in translation as the author who did the original, because of exactly what you mentioned Polly - the interpretation. I would...
  4. direstraits

    NETFLIX; What do you recommend to watch right now?

    I recommend The Wandering Earth - that Chinese movie blockbuster. It’s familiar yet strange at the same time, as the story is told from the perspective of a culture we don’t often see in our sf. I also heartily recommend one of the best movies I saw this year, John Cho’s Searching.
  5. direstraits

    Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

    Under Heaven? You’re a GGK fan? Yes, I think Under Heaven would be great material! Also, I didn’t know about Jonathan Strange. Will try to check it out.
  6. direstraits

    Changing my perspective on Stephen King

    My most recent King was It, and the one thing i kept thinking as I was reading it was what a monumental amount of effort it was to construct and build this book, if that makes any sense. I didn't think of this book as one that a writer wrote, but rather having its component parts built...
  7. direstraits

    Worst book/s you have ever read?

    50 Shades was horrible, agreed. I did finish it, because I wanted to *understand* (and thought there would be a pay off). Nope. The worst book I've ever read is Divergent, by Veronica Roth. It was worst than the bad books I couldn't finish, because I did finish this one, so it gets points...
  8. direstraits

    My Father the Ghost Hunter

    "If you are going to fear either, fear both." I'm having a bit of a problem parsing this.
  9. direstraits

    Books Nobody Else Reads

    I really like that premise, to go back in time with the knowledge you have now. I wouldn't remember horseracing results, that's for sure, but I would indeed make less mistakes. But I would also act a little very differently, a little too matured and dreary for an 18 year old, I think. ;) But I...
  10. direstraits


    Sorry, I did indeed mean the pirates of silicon valley. I'm going to check it out...Thanks! I do like the story, how essentially just a bunch of guys from a small geographical area (more or less) changed the entire world.
  11. direstraits


    Did you see The Pirates? I thought that would have been an interesting movie.
  12. direstraits

    Books Nobody Else Reads

    Hey, that would make my original post ineligible, since you've read it! :) Seriously, though, how cool was that book? :) I thought it was an interesting commentary on how you should be wanting what you have, instead of having what you want, but the protagonist got to try every scenario out, so...
  13. direstraits

    January 2014 - Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

    There's a movie?? Any good?
  14. direstraits

    Speed Reading?

    I just want to say, after 4 Austens, P&P is *still* her best. Ugh. I still have Emma and Northanger Abbey.