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Recent content by Fantasy Moon

  1. Fantasy Moon

    e-Books Vs normal books..

    I don't mind waiting for the e-books to come in the library. My wishlist is so infinitely long at this point that there's plenty of books to check out that I don't have to wait on. I have 8 or 9 on hold with a queue, but the limit is 10 so I have an opening if I feel in the mood for a book I...
  2. Fantasy Moon

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Borrowed from the library: The Flame of Olympus - Kate O'Hearn The Borgias - Alexandre Dumas
  3. Fantasy Moon

    Did I start off with the wrong Stephen King?

    Pet Sematary Rose Madder The Shining I would start there.
  4. Fantasy Moon

    Recently Finished

    Mister B. Gone - Clive Barker :stars2:
  5. Fantasy Moon

    Do you ever struggle finishing a book?

    No, I'd probably post more books in that thread than the one for "Recently Finished", haha!
  6. Fantasy Moon

    Do you ever struggle finishing a book?

    How about more aptly named "Recently Abandoned"? ;)
  7. Fantasy Moon

    backing up e-books

    You could always store them at an online site. That way you don't have to worry about your hard drives dying or losing your discs.
  8. Fantasy Moon

    Do any of you read Manga?

    Yu Yu Hakusho is good if you're into action stories.
  9. Fantasy Moon

    Recently Finished

    On the Banks of Plum Creek - Laura Ingalls Wilder :stars3:
  10. Fantasy Moon

    Recently purchased DVDs

    I got the DVD of the movie The Island this weekend. I think it's an interesting film.
  11. Fantasy Moon

    Recently Finished

    Little House in the Big Woods - Laura Ingalls Wilder I felt like reading children's classics. Don't judge me.
  12. Fantasy Moon

    Do any of you read Manga?

    I checked our anime collection and Elfin Lied is already on the shelf, but I haven't seen it. Is there any manga-ka's style that you like? I'm partial to Kaoru Yuki myself.
  13. Fantasy Moon

    People's Favorite Books

    It can't be a list of favorite books until it has Tolkien.
  14. Fantasy Moon

    Do any of you read Manga?

    I am trying to remember the last manga that I read... I think I was getting either Vampire Knight or Tail of the Moon from the library. I haven't been in the mood to read any for a very long time. I have yet to finish the second half of YuYu Hakusho or even start my Sailor Moon volumes... I've...