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Recent content by g4n4ch3

  1. g4n4ch3

    Word Association

    Germany (I think we're heading into cautious territory here)
  2. g4n4ch3

    Random Question..Keep posting

    glue - looks so much better. sea or pool?
  3. g4n4ch3

    Timbrology, the collection of postage stamps.

    My mom had a couple of big books of stamps which completely aroused my interest in collecting stamps as a hobby when they were found during house clean. They were going to go on the garage sale but I begged her to let me keep it and since then I collected stamps until it wasn't cool to do so...
  4. g4n4ch3

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Because humans prefer to indulge in memories of the past rather than thought of the future. The thought of the future may scare some people. Why do cats meow? (Really random question!)