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Recent content by Jillian34

  1. Jillian34

    What are you listening to Right now?

    1. Toby Keith "As Good As I Once Was"
  2. Jillian34

    Jillian's Favorite TV Shows For April 2014! (1-5)

    Wow! I made that list in April 2014!:rolleyes:
  3. Jillian34

    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Rocks!:star5:
  4. Jillian34

    Silver Spoons DVD(First Season)

    I love Ricky Schroder! Great 1980's TV SHOW!:star5:
  5. Jillian34

    Schindler's List!

    I have the DVD! I wanna watch on it NBC!:(
  6. Jillian34

    Schindler's List!

    Are you sure?:(
  7. Jillian34

    Do you like learning History?

    :) Smile! Try to be A History Maker!
  8. Jillian34

    Do you like learning History?

    History Rocks! What's your favorite part of History? I like World War II!:star5:
  9. Jillian34

    Do you like learning History?

    Yes, I do! :)
  10. Jillian34

    Schindler's List!

    Liam Neeson and Ben Kingsley rock!:star5:
  11. Jillian34

    Schindler's List!

    :mad:I love that Movie! It was very sad!
  12. Jillian34

    Schindler's List!

    April 27, 2014 has passed! How about another month that it might be airing?:(
  13. Jillian34

    Greatest Kids Books For May 2014!!! (1-

    Go Dog Go Rocks Too!:star5:
  14. Jillian34

    Greatest Kids Books For May 2014!!! (1-

    1. Blueberries For Sal 2. Go Dog Go 3. The Cat In The Hat 4. Green Eggs And Ham 5. The Lorax 6. Socks 7. Runaway Ralph 8. Bullfrog Grows Up 9. Cinderella (Disney) 10. Winnie-The Pooh
  15. Jillian34

    Jillian's Favorite DVDs!

    Sorry! That's just my Opinion of Dumbassery!:shifty