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Recent content by Justmariamm93

  1. Justmariamm93

    GONE GIRL!!!!

    i was actually quiet impressed by the plot of the movie but youre right the actors were meh, so the book is worth reading then... will def give it a shot :D
  2. Justmariamm93

    best book to movie adaptation

    the only thing i could think about is the fault in our star:)
  3. Justmariamm93

    Happy New Year 2018

    Happy new year to you! :):):)
  4. Justmariamm93

    i'm looking for a book, but forgot title and author...

    Try maybe google this description out on google. there is no way you wouldnt find a thread to it at least. cause i would like to know it as well, seems interesting and creepy lol
  5. Justmariamm93

    Changing my perspective on Stephen King

    it was beneficial to read the responses of this post cause i was thinking about the same thing. Thanks :)
  6. Justmariamm93

    Stephen King: It

    Ive watched the movie and was creeped and scared i wonder how will it feel when my imagination goes without leash specially its King's novel? :O
  7. Justmariamm93

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    Turtles all the way down by john green -purchased
  8. Justmariamm93

    What scares you the most...

    psychological series that tells a truth we all try to avoid through its plot and then you realize....."wow, holy crap" mind blown , scared.
  9. Justmariamm93


  10. Justmariamm93

    Do you think movies always ruin books?

    what movie do you think that actually got the book point and didnt ruin it cinematically?
  11. Justmariamm93

    Do you ever reread your books?

    ive re read the fault in our stars and some of my harry potter books..... when reading for the second time it tends to reveal more details about the book.
  12. Justmariamm93


    it quiet good , less heavier than an actual book, small and compatible for traveling and if you dont want to be all worried where to put your book.
  13. Justmariamm93

    F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby

    Just the era he wrote about is very interesting also the movie gave it a big boost with all cinematic directory and actors