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  1. Roxbrough

    Roxbrough's Leger

    So I am now up to page 118 on my book of the month which is Clive Barker's - Mr. B Gone. The archbishop had just burned the girl upside down, her hair catching fire and Mr. B having to leave because of her screams. Barker write the entire think like black comedy to dull the horror and it works well.
  2. Roxbrough

    October / November 2014: Clive Barker, Mr. B Gone

    Clive Barker - Mr. B Gone up to page 69
  3. Roxbrough

    October / November 2014: Clive Barker, Mr. B Gone

    I've read the part where the demon is burned in a fire made from his own curses. Then kills his father before being dragged from the bowels of hell up into the world of men. He kisses the beautiful girl who falls into a boiling vat and has the flesh boiled from her face. Not really as horrible...
  4. Roxbrough

    BOTM October / November - Suggestions

    I'll be reading Clive Barker.
  5. Roxbrough

    BOTM October / November - Suggestions

    Thank you Supereadergirl, I now have my copy of Mr.B.Gone ready for October.
  6. Roxbrough

    Vote for October & November BOTM

    My copy of Mr.B.Gone arrived Saturday!
  7. Roxbrough

    BOTM October / November - Suggestions

    Just bought the Clive Barker for £2:81! There's another copy here:- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170652749051
  8. Roxbrough

    BOTM October / November - Suggestions

    The Clive Barker looks promising. Lovecraft is unreadable, flowery and incredibly dated. Gaiman sounds like 'young adult' fare. Clive for me.
  9. Roxbrough

    BOTM October / November - Suggestions

    Guy Fawkes night is also in November. The correct month for Walpurgis Night is actualy in April.
  10. Roxbrough

    BOTM October / November - Suggestions

    Lovecraft is incredibly dry and I doubt many would read it now. It is very dated.
  11. Roxbrough

    So next week Scotland votes for independence from the UK

    Speaking as someone who served in the British Army for many years and served along side Scots, Welsh and English, my feeling is obviously that Wales and England would be only too happy to wave the Scots goodbye. I don't think for one second that they will have the guts to go independent and lose...
  12. Roxbrough

    Last seen...

    Are you a sailor by any chance? All is Lost, was a waste of one and a half hours that I will never get back.
  13. Roxbrough

    Fake reviewers on the attack on Amazon

    Does anyone actually read the reviews of others? I have a mind of my own and think critics are a waste of time. One man's meat etc etc.....
  14. Roxbrough

    Is the internet being used too much by authors?

    I agree with the statement that personal information on the net is dangerous. As only 25% of actors use their real names, it would also be best if authors all used fake names, for simple safety's sake.
  15. Roxbrough

    Roxbrough's Leger

    Roth - Divergence. Very disappointed with this. it's a children's book but contains some scenarios that are not suitable for children. I suspect that the tag 'young adults' was Roth's excuse for poor writing. Very little descriptive passages and poor character development, not recommended. I...
  16. Roxbrough

    Myrath - Hope

    The excellent debut from this very promising band, sounds very fine on seperates
  17. Roxbrough

    Roxbrough's Leger

    Just started Block's book and it is very promising.
  18. Roxbrough

    New BAR Admins - SuperReaderGirl & Nifty - Saying Hello

    The following error occurred: You must wait at least 80 seconds before performing this action. I keep getting the message every time I come on this site, can the administration team help? Also can we know when all the exciting changes and newletters will be coming our way please?
  19. Roxbrough

    What are you reading at the moment Nifty?

    What are you reading at the moment Nifty?