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    Books about life in America in the mid-1600's

    I'm looking for books, fiction or non-fiction, which are representative of life here in America in the mid-1600's. Any suggestions?
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    Has anyone checked out the reading list of the CSLC - The Chautaugua Scientific and Literary Circle? If you get on their website and maneuver around a bit, you can find the reading list from the book club which dates back to the late 1800's. Basically, the circle was started to help people who...
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    Any really, really, really long books that you would recommend?

    I prefer very long books without excessive sex. Any recommendations?
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    A Short History of the English People

    Has anyone read this in its entirety? So far, so good. Very, Very LONG!!
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    General comparison of Tolkien vs Jordan

    How would you compare the two? I know I may be stepping into deep water here, but I actually like Jordan's Wheel of Time better - except when he drags some things out. Am I the only one?
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    Now, for all the ladies...best romantic movie

    Death Becomes Her :D :D :D Seriously, off the top of my head, The Thorn Birds (better as a book though)
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    Disaster Books

    I'm running out of disaster books. Can be fiction or non-fiction. Would appreciate any titles you may know of.
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    Found you through some weird search that took me several places first

    Not sure, but this could be my home away from home. I read, live life, read, live life, read, get the picture? I like classics such as Dickens, science fantasy such as R Jordan, suspense such as R Cook, disaster books such as Richter 10 and Storm of the Century (not the one by S King, the one...