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  1. RDC8492

    Feedback on new Book Trailer

    I'm going to put this under the Shameless Self-Promotion thread even though I am actually wanting to hear some reader feedback on the use of book trailers. I recently made one for B.E. Wilson and would like some constructive criticism from the readers here. Do book trailers catch your eye...
  2. RDC8492

    Hopefully right section for this.. Question for both Readers and Authors

    I need some feedback please from both sides. I am filling the role of publicisit/literary agent for an author. It's my task to promote books while he's busy writing new books. I seem to be getting my hand smacked far too often no matter which way I represent things. See questions below...
  3. RDC8492

    Has anyone read this book besides me?

    I hope this doesn't come across as spam because that's not my intention at all. I'm actually looking for some honest feedback and discussion. I make no secrets that it's my best friends book I am talking about but I need to hear what you guys think about it. He's writing on book two in the...
  4. RDC8492

    Do you take time to leave a review?

    When you purchase a book online, be it ebook or otherwise, do you take the time to go back and leave a review? I saw this cute pic the other day and it really made me giggle because it's true! Reviews do matter, even the bad ones. If you have read it, take 5 mins and support the author...
  5. RDC8492

    Do you respect or dislike Indies/Self Published Authors?

    I am curious to see the majority. Some ppl seem to not care who the publisher is as long as the book is good. Others lean toward a self published author and give them a chance. There are some I've seen who will go to great extremes to avoid and intentionally bash a self published author...
  6. RDC8492

    What do you do when you have multiple ideas simultaneously?

    If you are currently writing a story and some new inspiration pops into your mind, do you get sidetracked? How do you stay focused? I have literally cd's full of partially written books. lol I will be knee deep into one and a new idea hit me. When that happens to you, do you finish...
  7. RDC8492

    Waving howdies

    I reckon sayin "Hey ya'll" would probably not float past an editor. I'll pull out my good grammar and say hello ladies and gentlemen instead. :-) I'm eager to dive into the forums as I already see a few interesting topics that I'd like to explore.