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    5 Favourite Books

    In no special order: Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy DEFCON One by Joe Weber The Red Horseman by Stephen Coonts War of the Rats by David L. Robbins The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth
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    Tom Clancy

    If you're not sure about Red Rabbit, than I'd suggest The Cardinal of the Kremlin or Clear and Present Danger. Both have Jack Ryan but Cardinal takes place right after Red October. Cardinal's one of my personal favorites, but if your looking for action, Clear and Present Danger has a little...
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    What do you use as a bookmark?

    Usually I just rip off a small chunk of a piece of paper, which I usually loose between reading and have to tear a new piece.
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    Hardcovers or paperbacks?

    I get a lot more paperbacks than I do hardcovers simply because they're cheaper, take up a lot less space on my shelf, and easily more mobile. The only time a buy hardbacks is if its an author's newest release. If I'm after something already in paperback I'll tend to buy that way.
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    New Authors

    Usually I'll be at amazon.com and see what kind of similiar authors come up through searches, listmanias, etc. Then, I read many custumor reviews of their various titles and if something if I find something interesting, I'll try one of their books. I discovered Michael DiMercurio's books this...
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    Tom Clancy

    Red Rabbit takes place between Patriot Games and The Hunt For Red October, but it is not necessary to have read Patriot Games. I finished Red Rabbit a few weeks back (actually waited two hours in a 1,300 person line to get a copy signed). You should be warned if you plan on reading it: Do...
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    The Bourne Identity Movie

    Has anyone seen this movie, anyone seen it who read Robert Ludlum's book? I thought it was pretty good, though it wouldn't have hurt to have followed the novel more (had the same problem with The Sum of All Fears), they completely took out the character of Carlos the Jackal. Matt Damon is...
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    Favourite Reading Places

    Anywhere, usually at my desk. I usually have the television on, volume low, just because I can't stand the complete silence at times and it actually helps me concentrate at times. Often, when there is a long drive in store for me, I'll usually bring something to read. (I'm not the one driving).
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    Have you ever had a book signed by the author?

    Well, August 14 I'll be at Clancy's signing in Chicago for his new novel, Red Rabbit.:) Can't wait.
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    Have you ever had a book signed by the author?

    I've been to signings for Raymond Benson, the current author of the James Bond novels, mainly because I thought they'd make nice additions to my little Bond collection. Last week I attended a writing class he taught nearby for a local college. The only other author who I might like to get...
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    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. :)
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    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    My favorite author is a tie between Tom Clancy and Dale Brown. Rainbow Six by Clancy might be my favorite novel, I've read it three times. Brown, having been a former captain in the Air Force, tends to really know what he's talking about more though but his plots are usually a little far fetched...
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    Do you read non-fiction?

    The only non-fiction I've read is a fasinating book on Jack the Ripper and Tom Clancy and Carl Steiner's Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces. I only read that one because I thought it might be interesting since Clancy wrote it. It was. I also read War of the Rats, but that's only based...
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    What do you do with a book you've read?

    I keep them all, some of them I even get around to re-reading.
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    New here to this forum. My name's Ross, I'm a high school student, and I mostly read political/military/espionage fiction, or so called "techno-thrillers," and hopefullymight be an author in that area sometime in the future. My favorite authors, not in any special order, are: Dale Brown...