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  1. thecookie1878

    Does anyone know how to save Twitter videos?

    The best solution for me is ssstwitter.com If you want to save video to iPhone, you will need additional application Documents by Readdle.
  2. thecookie1878

    What are you listening to Right now?

    The best!
  3. thecookie1878


    I'm a big fan of them! and I guess there are at least 139 000 000 fans of them
  4. thecookie1878

    Hunger Games - Movie

    Sure, blurring the violence with shaky-cam helps to obtain the PG13 but I can't go along with the blatant choice to make a purported $78M production look like amateur hour by using handheld cameras throughout. I did not like this movie, although the book is brilliant!
  5. thecookie1878

    Word Association