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  1. Gem

    It's alive. Alive I tell ya.

    It's alive. Alive I tell ya.
  2. Gem

    Happy Birthday Libre

    Happy Birthday Libre, Have a lovely day :)
  3. Gem

    Books you never expected to like

    I never expected to like anything by Virginia Woolf, but both Mrs Dalloway & To The Lighthouse have been very interesting reads.
  4. Gem

    Any vegetarians? (contains images)

    I am a vegetarian.
  5. Gem

    Happy Birthday Ell!!

    I know I'm very late, but I just saw this now. Hope you had a lovely day Ell.
  6. Gem

    When you look for a new book . . .

    It's a difficult question to answer. I guess I usually look for something that is going to take me somewhere new and teach me something in the process. There are times when I have a vague idea about what I'm looking for, that is something that is going to satisfy a particular curiosity about...
  7. Gem

    William Faulkner

    Glad you enjoyed it Valkyrie, Faulkner doesn't make for easy reading.
  8. Gem

    hey, y'all! From northern CA

    Hiya Rick, Welcome to the forum :) .
  9. Gem

    HOF Vote-In

    Thank you ions. I think manuel_castro's attempt at bringing erudite literary discussion to BAR should be applauded. manuel_castro, even if no else takes you seriously, I surely will. In fact why don't you get the ball rolling on the whole erudite literary discussion thing, and I shall join...
  10. Gem

    Indian Gods

    Waveguide, For books, look up the author W J Wilkins. His stuff may be the type of thing you are looking for. If however you're looking for more scholarly work then I'd suggest looking up K.M Sen - he was a leading authority on Indian literature and folklore.
  11. Gem

    HOF Vote-In

    Hiya manuel_castro, I'm a little confused, could you help me out by explaining what's going on here? It's just that on the other thread in your first post you've said that we are to nominate our favourite writers but you've also said to be strict and nominate only outstanding writers. So...
  12. Gem

    Indian Gods

    Waveguide, I just asked somebody :D Thanks for the link to that film, I must say was very surprised - a European version no less. No I haven't seen it - I wasn't even aware of it. I've seen some of the episodes from the tv version of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, but never a movie...
  13. Gem

    Random Facts Thread

    Hmm. I'd say I spend about 2 seconds looking at the cover, about 20 second looking at the backcover and another 20 seconds reading a random page. random fact: If you put a raisin in a glass of champagne it will keep floating to the top and sinking to the bottom.
  14. Gem

    Indian Gods

    Hiya Waveguide, The confusion over Hanuman is caused by there being apparently two sets of scriptures. One set has him as being an incarnation of Vayu (God of Wind) and the other set has him as being the son of Vayu but the incarnation of Shiva who wanted to help out Lord Vishnu who was...
  15. Gem

    Random Facts Thread

    Koala bears have similar fingerprints (in shape, size & pattern) to Humans.
  16. Gem

    Indian Gods

    Waveguide, I have a few books on the Ramayana, I'll take a look and see if they shed any further light on the whole Hanuman thing. As for how do Indian children learn - through storytelling mainly,the myths were spread orally in any case - which is why there are always slightly different...
  17. Gem

    Memorizing a Book (Non-Fiction)

    I did that while I was at university, with the textbooks. Now, if I find something interesting I jot it down in a notebook. Of course that means that I have a collection of notebooks filled with random stuff that I have long forgotton. Do you do this Aqua? If so is it just a way to...
  18. Gem

    new from Oz

    Hiya bigducknfish, Welcome to the Forum :) .
  19. Gem

    Indian Gods

    Hiya Waveguide, I've heard slight variations to the story of Ganesh's birth. First version goes along the lines of...Parvati had been praying for a very long time, when she got up her skin was all dry so she went to bathe in a lake. As she was bathing, the dust from her skin formed into a...
  20. Gem

    Franz Kafka: The Metamorphosis and other Stories

    I found the opening line of Metamorphosis to be so amazing that the rest of the story paled into insignificance. I'd agree with Heteronym though, that Kafka's is minimalist, I think that worked very well - we're being told this absolutely absurd/strange tale, but it's told in such a way that it...