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Search results

  1. Daniel L Newhouse

    Psychology books on making friends

    There are 2 books I'm looking for, 1 is a book that describes how very young girls do not approve of behavior that is bossy. The other book is one that says that the worst thing you can do is to choose friends for your child.
  2. Daniel L Newhouse

    Fantasy book on how to become a great wizard

    The protagonist says 3 words and a mirror appears. He laughs and walks away. Anyone know what book this is?
  3. Daniel L Newhouse

    Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica

    Is there an original manuscript available? The first published edition is available online.
  4. Daniel L Newhouse

    Book about character who gets married young

    So there's this guy, and there's this chick who wants to marry him, and she decided the best way is to get pregnant. So she invites him over and has an egg in her cleavage, and she tells him its there to incubate the egg. What she's really doing is playing a game of tease me, please me. So...
  5. Daniel L Newhouse

    Book on athleticism of ancient people

    Wasn't there a book about how a Roman legionnaire, required to march 20 miles in a day with his weight on his back, was stronger than a modern marathon runner?
  6. Daniel L Newhouse

    Extraterrestrials make human beings on remote world

    I saw this books years ago and never bought it. I am interested. IIRC there were at least 2 books in the series and the humans built starships and returned to earth. Anyone have title, author, ISBN?
  7. Daniel L Newhouse

    Psychology - child rearing

    I'm looking for a book I once glanced at that contends that the worst thing you can do when raising children is to decide who their friends are. Can anyone tell me the title, author, or ISBN?