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  1. J

    Ben Mezrich: Bringing Down the House

    im already half way through the book, its a fast read and i can say its worth time and money.... im looking forward to his other two, "ugly americans" and "breaking vegas" any of these two live up to the success of the first one? bringing down the house is being made into film, stars kevin...
  2. J

    John Grisham

    its been a long while since the last time i read a grisham novel...i think the partner is his best work closely followed by the rainmaker... client, pelican brief in between..the chamber the least, bec of death penalty law section of the book too eloborate, wasnt able to read past that...
  3. J

    Looking for an autobiography to read

    lance armstrong's its not about the bike(my journey back to life) highly recommended even for those who are not really into sports...it covers in great detail his fight against cancer, even sperm banking before chemo, and best of all, his great comeback to cycling....modern american english...
  4. J

    The Best Book You've Ever Read?

    best fiction ive read to date is khaled hosseini's kite runner, it really thugs your heart and its hard to put down in every sitting, theres no more than a couple of pages of monotony in between climaxes of that book, and it has a lot, its really a fast read...great til last page....his follow...