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Search results

  1. Peder

    Peder's Pond

    8/13/2020 Just a news note: I can't believe 5 years have gone by since my last post here! I can believe, however, that my attention lately has been diverted to other things! Recently, my main attention has been focused on writing my memoirs, hopefully for the benefit of my children. The current...
  2. Peder

    Grand Tour - a poem

    Grand Tour Come my Darling tonight with me we'll open the future be on our way to vistas unseen wonders unheard, 'laddin's 'lectronic screen our magic carpet 'round the Earth past the planets through all space billions of years through the galaxies to the Edge and then...
  3. Peder

    Six by Tana French

    Éclair, I agree with you there. The Likeness is rather contrived, as if forcing the genre/formula. But I think every author is entitled to a flat one (or two). So I read on, ever hopeful. Peder
  4. Peder

    How Long till you finish a book?

    Maybe 4 - 5 days when I'm really interested, otherwise a couple weeks. If not then, it tends to get buried and never finished. Last year, I only finished about 25, for example.
  5. Peder

    What are you reading?

    In view of recent tumult here in the US, I have finally decided to read The Constitutional Convention, a narrative history from the notes of James Madison, by Edward J Larson and Michael P Winship.
  6. Peder

    Six by Tana French

    I've just finished reading six mysteries by Tana French in a row and strongly recommend her. Every story is different and the twists and turns cannot be anticipated, much less the endings. These are well-rounded novels with intricate plots and fleshed-out human characters. Try any one and you...
  7. Peder

    My suggestion October - December 2019

    I have added it to my kindle on your great recommendation. Pretty soon I'll start reading it, after I finish one or two others. :)
  8. Peder

    Philosophy recommendations?

    Many thanks Cosima, They go on my list, starting reading with the first one. :)
  9. Peder

    Sacred Rite - A Poem

    Sacred Rite They come from all over slowly ones and threes converging getting thicker slowly determinedly as if candle bearing they might but aren't thoughtfully trudging reverently striding forcefully solitary or sharing with companions pleasantries greetings news of...
  10. Peder

    The Most Important Book Ever Written?

    It seems to me that a book about "who owns the USA these days" would be appropriate. I find that sickening. And BTW: Hi, Beer Good! :)
  11. Peder

    What are you reading?

    A Pillar of Iron by Taylor Caldwell. A novel of Cicero's life and Times.
  12. Peder

    As Time Goes By

    Time to add a second boost for this wonderful comedy series. We have watched the entire series twice now (as already mentioned), so maybe I can justify two boosts. But especially, yes, Canuck! Same Peder and Pontalba, still kickin'. Glad you responded to the call-of-fate in trying to pump up...
  13. Peder

    New poll »» Auld Lang Syne

    Ell! You walk, you talk, you reply! What a wonderful breath of fresh air here! :) Sounds like our families are keeping pace, happily. It's just amazing how quickly the kids grow up. Two sons here, two daughters. #1 son married some time ago and acquired a ready-made set of children with his...
  14. Peder

    Sleepless - A poem

    Kevin, Thank you so much for noticing and commenting. I am truly glad you liked it. And, by all means, welcome to BAR! Sincerely, Peder
  15. Peder

    Finnegans Wake in Translation

    Thanks Polly for your thoughtful reply to my somewhat light-hearted post. But,truly, it is just not my cuppa at the moment. With regrets Peder
  16. Peder

    Finnegans Wake in Translation

    Drat! I was hoping that the title of this thread meant a translation from English into English, with perhaps a considerable shrinkage of Joyce's verbosity along the way. Seriously, though, that is not just a snark. I've had my go at it several times now, and have just not been able to make a...
  17. Peder

    New poll »» Auld Lang Syne

    Hi Ell! Really good to see a post from an old-timer. More would be good -- either posts or posters -- but 'life, family and other interests' sure sounds real to me. In any event, good to hear from you. Hope you are well and happy in the middle of all that living. Anything you would care to...
  18. Peder

    New poll »» Auld Lang Syne

    Well, I'm glad it was motivational because, however I may sound, I really am trying to be helpful. At root, I guess I just believe one should be clear-eyed before wading in.
  19. Peder

    New poll »» Auld Lang Syne

    I agree that a positive attitude is always an excellent idea. I also think that giving some thought to possible causes of the problem is a good way toward figuring out possible solutions to try. . . . after figuring out exactly what problem one is trying to solve. Loss of old members? Few new...
  20. Peder

    What is your "Must Read" book?

    "How to Win Friends And Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. Without a doubt!