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  1. ChaosTheory

    12 Years A Slave

    Oh wow. Has anyone else read the book this was based on? I'm both really excited for this movie and dreading it at the same time.
  2. ChaosTheory

    Writing job sites: a question...

    Has anyone here worked - or attempted to - through any of those write-from-home sites? (The ones like Helium, Wisegeek, Oboulu, etc.) I've had a Textbroker account for a couple years and have had pretty good luck with it. I'd like to try some others and if anyone has any horror stories or...
  3. ChaosTheory


    Hi everybody, I'm ChaosTheory, the latest newbie. Thought I should introduce myself. I'm 32, live in South Dakota and was just looking for a book discussion forum and possibly a place to get feedback for my own reckless attempts at writing :p Last 5 books read: Both Flesh And Not (David...