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  1. beckez

    Becky's Reviews! :D

    Yeah I could do that! Thanks for the feedback again :) Thank you :D
  2. beckez

    Best YA Books of 2014 (selected by librarians)

    Yes! It's really amazing, it's so hard hitting at the same time, I really love it even though it can be quite a touchy subject to approach. I see you're reading S by J.J. Abrams, is that good? It's been on my wishlist for ages!
  3. beckez

    Becky's Reviews! :D

    Thanks so much for the feedback! I was undecided about the gif's myself so I think that I will refrain from using them now I have some feedback from a reader :D
  4. beckez

    Best YA Books of 2014 (selected by librarians)

    Read: The Fault in our Stars by John Green Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher Own: Every day by David Levithan Slated by Terri Terry Wow, well for a teen booklist I hadn't heard of the majority of these, maybe i'm getting out of the loop xD Both of the ones I have read I have really enjoyed...
  5. beckez

    Nathan Filer: The Shock of the Fall

    Has anyone read this book? I think it's an absolutely amazing book, I'd go as far to say it's now one of my all time favourite books. For those of you that haven't, heres the blurb: I’ll tell you what happened because it will be a good way to introduce my brother. His name’s Simon. I think...
  6. beckez

    Becky's Reviews! :D

    Hey there! So this is a fairly new blog and I'm kind of only just getting into reviews, but I would love it if you would check out my blog ^_^ Heres a link to my latest review, the boy in the book by Nathan Penlington...
  7. beckez

    Post Book Cover: Your Current Read...

    Only just started it :)
  8. beckez

    Recently Finished

    Before I go to Sleep by SJ Watson :stars3:
  9. beckez

    Recently Purchased/Borrowed

    I bought My Soul To Take By Rachel Vincent seeing as I have heard a little about it and i found it cheap hehe, sucker for cheap stuff. and i borrowed the first book in the Fallen series by Lauren Kate off my friend, i've read that book now, didn't enjoy it that much :(
  10. beckez

    Books for Christmas?

    is it that obvious? ;)
  11. beckez

    Books for Christmas?

    I got so many... haha Before I go to sleep by SJ Watson Batman and Psychology by Travis Langley The Future of Us by jay Asher Nightmare Hour by R.L.Stine Brainwashing by Kathleen Taylor Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo You Against me by Jenny...
  12. beckez

    15 Undeniable Truths About Book Nerds

    haha this actually made me laugh :') so true.
  13. beckez

    S'up! :D

    thanks everyone! SFG75: I'm more into the final fantasy type, mainly hack and slash games too :P Manly Reviews: Yeah mine is one that has that special quality too, which i think is amazing and think that if anyone wants a ereader that is what they should get otherwise they might as well just...
  14. beckez

    e-Books Vs normal books..

    I only recently got a kindle and do as you say find it useful if i want to be able to carry my books around. But when it comes to a normal book, i love having it, i love seeing the beautiful front cover, i love being able to actually hold the book, heck i even love seeing when i'm getting close...
  15. beckez

    S'up! :D

    Hey there! I'm Becky, 18 years old, live in England :) Obsessed with reading and recently got a kindle (though is it just me that thinks it can't compare to having a good old fashioned book?) I read books as much as I can, in college when i have a free but no homework, when my boyfriend is...