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  1. Vespertilio91

    Panic! At the Disco

    I kinda see what you mean. But I do have to argue that most of their songs delve deeper than what the surface suggests...sometimes. Lying is the most... was really a stupid song. :D The next P!ATD craze will come when their new cd hits the charts. I don't know when that is though. :D
  2. Vespertilio91

    What music genre drives you nuts?

    Can't stand any rap/r&b/hiphop/country/western. Techno is tolerable, but only some. Heavy metal depends on the type of metal. Hardcore, which is closer to punk, is alright, but death metal makes me wanna starve. :D Favorites: emo, symphonic metal, alternative.
  3. Vespertilio91

    Vampire Romances

    Oooh, I love vampire romances too. :D Didja know that Eclipse comes out August 4th! I already have it pre-ordered. I can't wait. *woot* Umm...well, I know of one, but it's slightly more romance than Twilight and Vampire Kisses. It's called Beyond the Pale: The Darkwing Chronicles. There's...
  4. Vespertilio91

    Harry Potter Seventh Book Pre-Sales Speculations and Discussions

    *SQUEE* Finished. :D Loved it. Hated Epilogue.
  5. Vespertilio91

    The Harry Potter Elimination Game

    Harry Potter: 5 Ron Weasley: 3 Hermione Granger: 6 Draco Malfoy: 5 Luna Lovegood: 5 Rubeus Hagrid: 4 Sirius Black: 6 Albus Dumbledore: 5 Remus Lupin: 5 Prof. McGonagall: 5 James Potter: 5 Lily Potter: 5 Severus Snape: 6 Dolores Umbridge: 5 Lord Voldemort: 5 Arthur...
  6. Vespertilio91

    One cat I don't want near me....ever

    Oh, I heard about that. It's up to 25 now? Last I heard was 23. Some people have said that they believe that it may be an odor or an aura that a person gives off before their death. I think that we've just got a psychic kitty. :D
  7. Vespertilio91


    Yeah, I've sorta dwindled down my time on here lately. I don't know why. :D Hey, I just realized that I'm over 900. Yay! I thought I was in the 700s. :D
  8. Vespertilio91

    IQ test

    I'm just saying that I think that IQ tests do not cover all the should be requirements to determine a person's level of thinking. And even the professional ones I've had were not reliable, unless I suddenly became stupid over a month (my test score dropped 23 points). So I just don't rely on...
  9. Vespertilio91

    Never Ending Song Titles:Words in Common

    Three Evils (Embodied In Love And Shadow) - Coheed & Cambria
  10. Vespertilio91

    Never Ending Song Titles:Words in Common

    Ghost Love Score - Nightwish
  11. Vespertilio91

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Dressed For Friend Requests - Drop Dead, Gorgeous
  12. Vespertilio91

    Favorite female singers

    Amy Lee of Evanescence Bjork (former) lead singer of Nightwish, Tarja ...? Emily Autumn
  13. Vespertilio91

    Gym Class heroes

    Cupid's Chokehold is pretty much the only song from them that I like. I don't really understand their fusion of indie and hip hop. It completely baffles me. I prefer straight out indie or alternative.
  14. Vespertilio91

    IQ test

    IQ tests say nothing. Everyone is smart is some other way than everyone else on the planet. Some artistic, others literary, some scientific. IQ tests only test on a small amount of this, and are not very reliable. Same with standardized tests in schools. Not very effective for those who can't...
  15. Vespertilio91


    Mechanical. And I could go into a long-winded rant on how and why, but I doubt this really needs that, considering how wonderful this thread is.
  16. Vespertilio91

    More Good, Random Fun

    And we'll manage to celebrate your leave of absence and pray that you get stuck in England so that we never have to put up with your whiny-ness again. :D :D We heart you, Val!
  17. Vespertilio91

    The Evil "Wish" Game

    Granted, but then your boss realizes that the magic wand is doing all the work and fires you and hires it. Then to help with production, she invents a billion more which take over the world's jobs and then the human race goes extinct and it's all your fault. I wish I didn't have to work at a...
  18. Vespertilio91

    What are you listening to Right now?

    The Backwards Pumpkin Song - Dance Gavin Dance Jesse Buy Nothing...Go To Prom Anyways - Hellogoodbye
  19. Vespertilio91

    Never Ending Song Titles:Words in Common

    God Called In Sick Today - AFI
  20. Vespertilio91

    The Evil "Wish" Game

    Granted, but some other younger person steals your job from you, so now you're homeless. I wish I had a pet penguin.