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Search results

  1. K

    Who reads books anymore?

    when i was eleven i was crazy about books. so in our family everybody reads..
  2. K

    Saddest/Most Depressing Novel You've Ever Read

    Mine was Love in the time of cholera :)
  3. K

    Please recommend me a good book with a meaningful theme!

    I love catcher in the rye . bu t i recomend Th Perks of being a wallflower since youre too young for JD Salingers.
  4. K

    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    My all time fave JD Salinger. he rocks!
  5. K

    September 2010: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    I have one of that book. i loved it. it was really fun reading all of the adventuress happened. i may write a review of it soon :) :flowers:
  6. K

    Fantasy books about immortals

    Lord of the rings and Narnia.. they are both great
  7. K

    J.D. Salinger

    Jd salinger My fave is JD SALINGER. His Catcher in the Rye!! The best awesome <3
  8. K

    Paulo Coelho

    hey Yes I agree with you Paolo Coelho is awesome. Ilove his The devil and Miss prym
  9. K

    hey guys

    Hey My name is Kaye im a newbie. I love books and reading is my fave thing in this world.