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  1. ledaatomica

    Authors A-Z

    I am cheating.. Yevgeny Zamyatin famous for writing "We" written in 1920 and published in 1924, the first ever distopian ever written prior to Brave New World and 1984. If you enjoyed those books you will definately enjoy this less known one , less known because of the censorship he...
  2. ledaatomica

    Videogames as full experience novels.

    readergamer .. have your ever played Myst and Riven? I believe the game is quite different from quite a few that I have played .. the game is mostly about solving puzzles and reading books that are linked to worlds ..what more can we ask? ;)
  3. ledaatomica

    just joined ...

    Thanks for the welcome! I studied in Paris for 4 years and in high school we did take quite a bit of classical french lit. so I did get to read a lot of particularly Moliere, Hugo, Zola, Mirbeau, Verne and Proust. However I tend to like more modern\existentialist french lit. Authors...
  4. ledaatomica

    What do you do with a book you've read?

    Totally! my friends HATE helping me move. Last time I had ~15 boxes. I keep every single book I read, or end up buying it if I read it from the library and liked it.
  5. ledaatomica

    do you keep a book list?

    lists ..... ok I do keep a little blue book of all the books I have read and then note little summaries or quotes that I liked. At the back of this little book I kept a list of books that I want to read and I do indeed go back to it when I visit the book store. I am thinking to load...
  6. ledaatomica

    Have you ever had a book signed by the author?

    its too bad that many of my favourite authors dont live in this country but I did manage to go to a book signing by my fave Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author : Ursula Le Guin for on here latest Earth Sea novel "The Other Wind". Usually I think its great to attend those especially if the author is giving a...
  7. ledaatomica

    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    ok here comes the list ... 5.Herman Hesse 4.Nawal El Saadawi 3.Albert Camus 2.Michel Houellebecq 1. has to be Umberto Eco
  8. ledaatomica

    Favourite Reading Places

    hmm everywhere but specifically.. I love reading on one of those comfy chairs at the coffee shop across from my appartment and at the end of the street there is a corner cafe we I sit outdoors ... also to catch up with the car watching (another fave hobby) ;)
  9. ledaatomica

    just joined ...

    Hello I just joined and hence no longer a board lurker :D, I am pretty much the world reader here. I usually read more french literature. Lets see, I hope one day to own a whole library in my backyard and I make it a point to discover new authors constantly by browsing at the book stores...