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  1. kowalskil


    "Those who follow the unprecedented Cold Fusion episode might be interested in my new essay; it is posted at: http://pages.csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/xyz.htm Please share this link with those who might be interested, for example, with journalists, friends, colleagues, students, etc. Or...
  2. kowalskil

    Digital Hearing Aids

    Some of you might benefit from reading my free online "Hearing Aids For Dummies" essay. The link is: http://pages.csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/hearaids5.htm
  3. kowalskil

    Explaining US electoral vote

    Thank you for the comment, BB. Nothing it as simple as it should be.
  4. kowalskil

    Does it matter if a book is self-published or through a publisher?

    The value of the content does not matter. But what potential readers think does.
  5. kowalskil

    Explaining US electoral vote

    The ongoing debates (August 2015) among potential Republican presidential candidates reminded me of a note I posted several years ago. Below is a link to an updated (and hopefully better) version of this note: http://pages.csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/presidentEN.htm How can a retired...
  6. kowalskil

    Nuclear Iran?

    Nuclear Iran? I agree with those who think the Iran agreement should be supported, first because nothing better seems to be available, second because I suspect that technological means of supervision (to avoid a global catastrophe), are available in the USA. Here is what I have just posted on...
  7. kowalskil

    A New Kind of a Russian Nuclear Reactor

    A New Kind of a Russian Nuclear Reactor Link to my article: http://csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/cf/reactor419.html Feel free to share it with all who might be interested, especially with students. Ludwik Kowalski, P.D.
  8. kowalskil

    Conflicts in Russia Today

    Contemporary Russian Situation (10/17/2014) as described by BSN, an unnamed Russian author Translated by Ludwik Kowalski, Ph.D. http://csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/life/intro.html 1) My translation of BSN's article is available online at...
  9. kowalskil

    Mental images of God

    What is God? According to our ancestors, who recorded their beliefs in the Bible, God is an all-powerful and all-knowing entity, living somewhere outside of our world, who created the world and controls what happens in it. My definition of God is slightly different; I tend to think that God is...
  10. kowalskil

    Do we learn from history?

    Is it a good sign? I hope so, for both sides. Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia)
  11. kowalskil

    Why Gorbachev?

    Why Gorbachev? Gorbachev is of the same age as I am. Several days ago I read a post (on a Russian forum) in which he was accused of being responsible for the disintegration of the Soviet Union. In my opinion the country disintegrated spontaneously, after the truth about dark sides of Stalinism...
  12. kowalskil

    Story of an SS man

    The "Black March,” a memoir-like book, written by SS officer Peter Neumann, is certainly worth reading. It describes the process of education of an obedient servant of a totalitarian regime, and his subsequent activities during WWII. The first diary event (March 11, 1938) describes the ceremony...
  13. kowalskil

    Communism today

    New Communist Manifesto COMMUNIST MANIFESTO 2014, posted at http://pages.csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/manifesto.html Feel free to share this link with others.
  14. kowalskil


    OUR TWO WORLDS, SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL Sections 2 and 3 have been added to "Futile Confrontations" at: http://pages.csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/theo/atheist.html Comments will be appreciated, Thank you in advance, Ludwik
  15. kowalskil

    Two kinds of morality

    TWO KINDS OF MORALITIES, MARXIST VERSUS THEOLOGICAL I am reading interesting comments about communist morality, in a book devoted to Judaism, published in 1975. The authors are two rabbis, D. Prager and J. Telushkin. A Christian theologian would probably make similar observations. Marxists...
  16. kowalskil

    Voices from Poland

    A Book, entitled "How Polish People Helped Germans Murder Jews;" was published recently (January 2013) in Poland. http://www.czarnaowca.pl/literatura_faktu/jak_polacy_niemcom_zydow_m,p720952114 I hope it will be translated into English. The author, Stefan Zgliczynski, is a journalist...
  17. kowalskil

    J. Kluger: Simplexity

    I am reading "Simplexity," the 2008 book by J. Kluger. He writes: "Electronic devices ... have gone mad. It is not just your TV or your camera or your twenty-seven-button cell phone with its twenty-one different screen menus and its 124-page instruction manual. ... The act of buying nearly any...
  18. kowalskil

    The fight for free religion

    The fight for free religion in America This PBS video, broadcasted on 12/18/2012, is worth watching and thinking about. Video: First Freedom: The Fight for Religious Liberty | Watch First Freedom Online | PBS Video It is full of topics worth debating, either here or elsewhere. Please share...
  19. kowalskil

    A legal question

    I am the author and the owner of a self-pubished book (the ISBN is assigned to me). That book is now being translated into another language. 1) Will I automatically become the owner of the translated version? 2) If not then what should I do to become the owner? 3) These questions...