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  1. scullyx101

    I need to find something for my grandma

    She likes Mary Higgins Clark and Danielle Steele. Does anyone have a recommendation for a simialr book or author that she might like? The problem is she has a huge book collection and I don't want to get anything she already has, so I'd like to find something less well known. Keep in mind she's...
  2. scullyx101

    the shack

    i've heard so much about this book and i'm kind-of curious about it. however, i have heard that it's a christian book and i'm not christian at all, and not interested in reading one of those corny inspirational novels. is the shack really super christian, or can it be enjoyed by someone who is...
  3. scullyx101

    Exquisite Corpse - Let's play!

    hello my fellow book lovers!! i'm sure you've all played it before, but maybe you just didn't know what it was called! i start a story, you leave comments, continuing the story, you can leave a sentence, a paragraph, etc, just make sure it's interesting and fun and magical! oh and feel free to...
  4. scullyx101

    Harry Potter: British vs. American

    I was talking with one of my friends recently who told me that he had started reading the Harry Potter series before it even came out in the states because a friend of his took frequent trips to London. he then went on to describe how much different they were. it's nothing about the plot (don't...
  5. scullyx101

    fabulous and FREE booktrading site

    i'm sure a lot of you already know about it, but bookmooch.com is an online book trading site that is totally free to join and really easy to use. i figure the more people who are on it, the greater the chances are of me getting what i want! so join up people!
  6. scullyx101

    books based on mythology

    i was just wondering if anyone knew some good novels that are based on myths. greek mythology is my fav, but any suggestions are welcome. i've read sirena by donna jo napoli and ecstasia and primavera by francesca lia block and on my TBR list i've added quiver by stephanie spinner and both...
  7. scullyx101


    i jsut finished reading the da vinci code and angles and demons and i thought they were fabulous, does any one know of other books that deal with things like secret societies and finding hidden meaning in things and that sort of stuff. i was also kind of reminded of the movie national treasure...
  8. scullyx101

    Gregory Maguire

    i'm contemplating reading some of his books because i've been really into fairy tales lately, although i've heard that wicked is rather slow and hard to get into. i'm just wondering if anyone else thought this or if any of his other books are better, which one should i start with, if it's even...
  9. scullyx101

    fairy tale fans

    i've been really into reading re-told fairy tales lately and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. i've been reading a lot by donna jo napoli and am really loving her work. i've also looked into mercedes lacky and gregory maguire but haven't actually read any of their stuff yet - so if...
  10. scullyx101

    Donna Jo Napoli

    i recently read her book Zel and loved it. which of her other books are based on fairy tales? i'd really like to read them.
  11. scullyx101

    space trilogy

    has anyone read the space trilogy by c. s. lewis? i remeber reading the first book when i was in 7th grade, but i don't remember what it was about and i didn't really understand it back then. i think i would like to start reading again now that i'm older and i'm just wondering if it's any good...
  12. scullyx101

    Francesca Lia Block

    she's absolutly amazing. i've read all of her stuff, and i keep reading it over and over, i can't get enough. the lyricism of her writing is incredible, it's just so beautiful, i just want to be one of her characters, live their life. she makes everything seem beautiful. when she writes about...
  13. scullyx101

    looking for books about france

    i'm thinking about living in france and i want to learn as much as i can about what it's like and i think that reading novels about french people as opposed to travel books would be a much better way to see what french society is like. if anyone knows of a novel that takes place in modern day...