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  1. Morty

    Drama Section!

    What this forum really needs is a Drama section and a Philosophy section. Any hope of this? I mean if there's room for graphic novels...?
  2. Morty

    Literature and the Modern City

    I'm one of those city-people; I love the pace of it at day, and the vibe of it at night. Does anyone know any writers or novels that contain some sort of description/reflection/meditation on the city? Preferably nothing before the 20th Century... I'd appreciate any help!
  3. Morty

    Arthur Miller

    Ever since I began reading Miller I've realized how underrated he is. Although most known for his plays Death of a Salesmen and The Crucible, he's written beautiful stories that explore the depths of human beings, however degraded their existence may seem (as in the case of "Fitter's Night"). In...