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Search results

  1. ErikDentremont

    You favorite place to read?

    I have a large fireplace in the great room. Beside this fireplace, there is an easy chair. This is my favourite reading spot.
  2. ErikDentremont

    Hello, all.

    Thank you, Regdog.
  3. ErikDentremont

    Looking for epic fantasy books

    Gormenghast trilogy - Mervyn Peake.
  4. ErikDentremont

    We Have Always Lived in the Castle (Anyone read it?)

    I really liked 'We Have Always Lived in the Castle'. It was certainly unusual, and that alone tends to be something I go for, but it was also superbly written. An excellent portrayal of dysfunctional family secrets, but there was also a real nobility to some of the characters, especially...
  5. ErikDentremont

    Very good portrayals of damaged psyche

    When some authors decide to write a character with a mental illness or personality disorder, I've found that it seems all too easy for cliche and stereotype to put in an unwanted appearance. Too many just don't put the research in to making their character's struggles real. If I am going to...
  6. ErikDentremont

    What scares you the most...

    How easily people can be manipulated into dropping the facade of civilized logic and allow themselves to turn into an unreasoning mob.
  7. ErikDentremont

    Speed Reading

    Unfortunately, speed reading is just something I do without even trying. In fact, it takes a huge effort to make myself slow down. I frequently speed read through my first reading of a book, then force myself to take it down a few notches the second time I read it, but in doing so, I can't get...
  8. ErikDentremont

    What are your favorite Discworld novels?

    Have to say, some of my favourite Pratchett stories aren't part of his Discworld series. The 'Truckers' trilogy is just fun and clever, and I come back to it again and again. Also, I really liked 'Strata' and 'The Carpet People', but have not returned to them for re-reading. As to Discworld...
  9. ErikDentremont

    Hello, all.

    I am not usually one for getting involved in anything remotely social, even online, but I am always seeking out new authors and new stories, and thought it might be nice to connect with others who value the written word as much as I. I live in the Peak District in England, and I keep a flat in...