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  1. bleumana

    Kindle and Digital Books?

    With the release of the second version of the Amazon Kindle and a Stephen King book exclusively published for it (i.e. digital and not in tangible book form), I am curious to everyone's opinion on books in a digital age. How do you feel about reading books in a digital format? Do you...
  2. bleumana

    Joss Whedon

    His work is fantastic. Dollhouse is coming next month and I'm so excited! Any other Joss fans out there?
  3. bleumana

    Melissa Anelli: Harry, A History

    Has anyone else read this book?
  4. bleumana

    Hi! Yay!

    I typed in "book forum" on a search engine and it brought me to this lovely place. I'm so excited to have finally discovered it! Little bits about me are I am a returning college student in my late twenties residing in Portland, Oregon. Look forward to lots of interaction with everyone!