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  1. Laura173

    50 Shades of Grey

    Call me stupid but I'm not actually sure what casual sex has to do with it. I mean Ana and Christian are pretty much in a relationship, there's nothing casual about it.
  2. Laura173

    Hey Guys

    I've got your email, thanks! I have some free time over Christmas so I will read through them all then and let you know what I think :) All three sound like great stories! I didn't like the ending of the Hunger Games, I was actually quite disappointed that she got with Peter instead of Gail...
  3. Laura173

    Hey Guys

    Hey Readsalot. Of course, I'd be happy to do that. I should let you know though that I edit non fiction for my day job (press releases, website copy, articles etc.) however I'd definitely be happy to read through it and check for spelling, grammar, flow etc. My email is...
  4. Laura173

    Hey Guys

    It doesn't usually detract from the enjoyment of it however if there are a lot of spelling, grammar or punctuation errors it can start to really annoy me as I'm trained to pick up on things like this. I actually read a book a few months ago called 'To Be Maria' and it just irritated me from...
  5. Laura173

    Suggestions: January 2013 BOTM - Winter

    My suggestion: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey
  6. Laura173

    50 Shades of Grey

    :lol: If every man was like Hugh Grant the world would be a much more romantic place :whistling:
  7. Laura173

    50 Shades of Grey

    My husband says this all the time - he says I have a fake view of romance because of all the chicklit I read... he's probably right lol :whistling:
  8. Laura173

    50 Shades of Grey

    I'm not talking about the sexual side of things, I'm talking the full on mental abuse. Many of the people I spoke to after reading the trilogy loved Mr Grey, especially after she had succeeded in "changing" him - this got me wondering how many women actually in abusive relationships would stay...
  9. Laura173

    Everybody's an author now.

    I hope this post wasn't supposed to be personal as it comes across as quite hostile. The majority of people who write books do so to have their stories read by others. In order to do this they have to get them published, either down the publishing house route or the self publishing route...
  10. Laura173

    Random Question..Keep posting

    I don't drive. Mince pies or Christmas pudding?
  11. Laura173

    Last seen...

    The last movie I watched was Revolutionary Road starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. Winslet was an amazing actress but the film was just way too depressing to be enjoyable...
  12. Laura173

    Roald Dahl: The Landlady

    I loved his autobiography Boy! May have to go back and start reading these again :)
  13. Laura173

    50 Shades of Grey

    I don't think the problem with the books is casual sex I think the problem is the way that Mr Grey completely controls Anastasia. Okay I get that control is part of the agreement that they have but there are points in the book where he goes too far. I found their relationship to be abusive...
  14. Laura173

    Terry Pratchett: Dodger

    I'm going to add this to my Wish List, sure I'll have lots of free time over Christmas. The synopsis looks great and I love Pratchett books on the whole, and the Dickensian atmosphere makes this one sound awesome!
  15. Laura173

    Which e-reader do you own?

    I haven't found it to be a problem and I can read for 12 hours a day if my schedule is free enough. If you're worried about it though, you might want to go for a non-lit screen and purchase a cover with a light for reading at night time.
  16. Laura173

    Everybody's an author now.

    I always thought that if I ever get round to writing the novel I've wanted to write for years that I would want to go down the traditional publishing route. That said, I've been speaking to a very passionate writer who has been trying for two years to get a publishing house to pick up her story...
  17. Laura173

    Worst job in publishing ever, or just honesty at last?

    I've always dreamed of working in publishing but no way would I work to those rules. Call me stupid but I assumed that the only people who may consider working in a job without pay are students looking for work experience, but then they don't want students either. Crazy!
  18. Laura173

    Favorite Character in Harry Potter

    It's very close between Sirius Black and Snape - I don't think I could decide between the two!
  19. Laura173

    Looking for Romance books...

    I second Abbi Glines - I loved While It Lasts (you can find my review here if you're interested) :)