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  1. wilderness

    July Reads

    Fightclub - Chuck Palahnick (spelling?) Q and A (vikas Swarup) Orpheus Lost (Jannet Turner Hospital) Almost French - Sarah Turnbull lani
  2. wilderness

    Weirdest book

    Fightclub was weird. So was this book I read by Melissa P. Called the Scent of your Breath. Lani
  3. wilderness

    Chuck Palahniuk

    I just finished fight club and I really didnt like it. I was bored a lot of the time, guessed the twist like 10 pages before it was revealed, and just generally was not impressed. I think he had some incredible lines, but overall, it didnt do anything for me. I want to see the movie though...
  4. wilderness

    Has anyone here enrolled on a creative writing course / degree?

    I'm doing creative writing at university. Just got my results actually and am quite pleased. lani
  5. wilderness

    Author: Most Read...

    I have read 10 Harlan Coben books...That would be the most. I have read from him: Tell no one Darkest Fear No Second Chance Promise Me The Woods Just one Look The innocent Gone for good One false move. The final detail. Love him Lani
  6. wilderness

    Late Night Reading

    I once came home from a bar at like 3:30, and insisted on finished a chapter of my book. Took me a while because I was exausted...but I did it! hehe Lani
  7. wilderness

    Parallel Reading

    I dont really like to read too books but I sometimes do. Like if I'm reading a book and then i buy a new one that I am dying to read, I will parallel read. Also, I'm reading a book thats thick or pretty big, I will read a smaller book as well so that when I go to uni (which consists of 2 35...
  8. wilderness

    Favorite female singers

    Sarah Blasko is fantastic. Regina Spektor is brillant. Allanis Morisette Amy-Lee The girl from the Waifs and the girl who rings with Damien Rice Lani
  9. wilderness

    post embarassing confessions

    ...I watched cinderella 3 last night...:o but i was babysitting...so i had an excuse...(I am 18...) my confession? I watched the Barbie movie while babysitting a few weeks ago and enjoyed it...I think I actually learnt something from it...*sigh* Lani
  10. wilderness

    February Reads

    I read: - Jasvinder Sanghera - Shame (Highly recomment) - Melissa P. - The scent of your breath (Very strange book) - David Pelzer - A child called It (Very moving) - A thousand days in Venice (I forget the author...and read 3/4 and couldnt finished it) - Rita Golden Gelman - Tales of a...
  11. wilderness

    Recommendations for a good crime novel?

    My favourite crime books are (and I've read a lot of them) James Siegel - Derailed. Nicci French - Beneath the Skin Michael Connolly - The Poet Harlan Coben - Darkest fear Hope you try some of these out!! You'll love them Lani
  12. wilderness

    Last King of Scotland

    Ohhh I loved the movie. It was really gross and grotty at times, but other than that i thought it was fantastic. I want to read the book now! I definitly recommend this movie. Lani
  13. wilderness

    Current Non-Fiction reads

    Im now reading Shame, by Jasvinder Sanghera...and I'm absolutely loving it. I can barely put it down. lani
  14. wilderness

    What do you use as a bookmark?

    I was just in a national park and they had book marks of beautiful wilderness photography (hence the user name) and I stocked up on those. I bought three and i rotate between them. Before those, i used a book mark from my favourite bookstore...but i sadlly lost it. lani
  15. wilderness

    January Reads

    I read: Joanna Harris - Chocolat Nicole Krausse - Man Walks into a Room Sarah Macdoland - Holy Cow (didnt finish...very bad) Vikram Seth - Two Lives Raymond Carver - Elephant Lonely Planet Journals - Brief Encounters Lani
  16. wilderness

    Current Non-Fiction reads

    Im reading Vikram Seth's autobiography, Two Lives. Enjoying it very much. Lani
  17. wilderness

    Vikram Seth: Two Lives

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has read his autobiography? I'm in the middle of it now and wanted to know what other people thought of it. Lani
  18. wilderness

    books on hols...

    ohhh!! i went to Goa too!! (all around India, too) I read: Chocolat Promise me - Harlan Coben Man walks into a room - Nicole Krausse Holy Cow - Sarah someone.. where did you stay in goa? pm me lani
  19. wilderness

    How Many Books Do You Read in a Year (approx.)?

    Well, last year I finished up with 49 books. This year, on the other hand...keeping in mind that it was my final year of high school and I spent most of the year studying...I will finished up with 19 books. Next year however...My aim is over 60. i work in a bookstore now so I get cheap...
  20. wilderness

    How should I arrange the books on my new bookshelf?

    Yes, this post is slightly pedantic and stupid, but it is very important. I am rearranging my room to suit my new-finished-high-school persona and part of that includes a new bigger bookshelf :) :) :) So...how should I arrange the books? Should I arrange them in genres? (like short story...