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Search results

  1. ashmitas

    Paulo Coelho

    yeah- coelho is my anti-depressant pill
  2. ashmitas

    Need your honest feedback on my e-books

    Hi Polly Parrot and Spark Chaser- I have sent the ebook and the survey links via email to both of you... And now I am chewing my nails in nervousness...:blush:
  3. ashmitas

    Need your honest feedback on my e-books

    Great! Thanks for your interest guys.:) I will send you the links on your email...
  4. ashmitas

    Ernest Hemingway

    His masterpiece is Old Man and the Sea.
  5. ashmitas

    Charles Dickens

    Pickwick Papers....love this lighthearted comedy
  6. ashmitas

    Mark Twain

    I totally love Mark Twain. He created my childhood fantasies for me....:stars5: Love the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. They are a must read for every child.
  7. ashmitas

    Kazuo Ishiguro

    I have just read 1 of his work: The remains of the day. And i have read it thrice. It is a pleasant book. But not a very memorable one I am afraid. I wrote my thoughts on this book in greater detail here: The Remains Of The Day-Kazuo Ishiguro
  8. ashmitas

    Paulo Coelho

    I am a fan of Paulo Coelho too. My favorite so far is Eleven Minutes. Read my review here to find out why I like the book so much.Eleven Minutes- Paulo Coelho
  9. ashmitas

    Ereaders and their fans

    I don't like e-books because: 1. they are a strain on my eye 2. I cannot cuddle up in bed with them 3. They don't smell of old paper( ummm.... i love that smell) 4.Carrying a laptop is more cumbersome than carrying the real book So I think that in spite of all the technology,real paper...
  10. ashmitas

    Need your honest feedback on my e-books

    Hi friends, I have recently finished writing these two e-books: Gift a Book: 101 ideas-Ultimate guide to the best gifts How to read literature: A literature study guide I need your honest opinion before I start selling these books. I shall send you complimentary copies of the e-books, should...
  11. ashmitas

    Books that have made you cry?

    The Diary Of A Young Girl-Anne FrankThe Diary Of A Young Girl-Anne Frank
  12. ashmitas

    Best place to read

    The British Council Library....pick up a great book from their exhibit section, grab a cup of coffee and sink into a bean bag.
  13. ashmitas

    When to give up on a book

    i gave up reading the last few pages of The Black Prince by Iris Murdoch because i was shocked by the quirky climax. I thought Murdoch had pulled a meaningless stunt. However I realized the beauty of the book once I read the entire book a few months later. You can read my comments on the...
  14. ashmitas

    A Bestseller You Hated

    would you believe it if i told you I don't like Harry Potter- I think that it should be reserved for kids only.
  15. ashmitas

    Recently Finished

    Peter Carey- Oscar and Lucinda
  16. ashmitas

    May 2009: Kazuo Ishiguro: The Remains of the Day

    i have read this book 3times. not because it was particularly enlightening but because it is written in such a commonplace manner that i keep forgetting the plot. but the book does remain a good entertainer, even if it does not have a very strong statement to make.:stars3::)
  17. ashmitas

    April 2009: Kafka: The Trial

    I dont quite enjoy reading Camus, Kafka or Kundera- I think they demand too much attention and mental reworking. You an just take them for their word..you have to look at underlying meanings. All that work takes the pleasure out of reading.
  18. ashmitas

    October 2009: Peter Blatty: The Exorcist

    @Beer Good- I like your comments on the book. Very insightful. I watched a documentary on Discovery channel on the truth behind the story...looks like pretty much of it is true. As far as the movie is concerned, I am too scared to watch it.
  19. ashmitas

    Which 5 books would you re-read?

    All good quality literature needs to be reread if the reader wants to understand the full scope of the work. Having said that, my personal favorites are: -Jonathan Livingstone Seagul (Bach) because of its inspirational quality -Macbeth because of its difficulty level -Siddhartha for its...
  20. ashmitas

    Conn Iggulden: Wolf of the Plains

    very popular writer It seems the author is really successful among children and teens for his novels based on history- the Genghis Khan series for example (Wolf of the Plains is one of them). It is quite a rage.