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  1. Loh Teck Yong

    Need Ideas For Literary Festival

    Singapore is having a literary festival next year. It's called #BuySingLit. And there's an open call for programmes (right here: https://buysinglit.sg/buysinglit-2020-open-call/). Interested parties have to submit their proposals by 23rd of this month. The #BuySingLit festival is looking for...
  2. Loh Teck Yong

    Does it matter if a book is self-published or through a publisher?

    Does it matter? To the author, yeah. To the reader, maybe not so much. To the author, having a book published by an established publishing house confers upon his work an air of legitimacy. And an author backed by a publishing house has it easier. Book signings and book launches and other events...
  3. Loh Teck Yong

    Write Reviews in Exchange for Free Books

    I am a self-published author who's looking for book reviewers. This is quite an old post. Have you managed to find any book reviewers based in Singapore since you posted this notice?
  4. Loh Teck Yong

    What did you want to become when you were a child ??

    A writer who practices martial arts. Or a bookstore owner who practices martial arts. Or a librarian who practices martial arts.
  5. Loh Teck Yong

    Obituary Of A Book

    I have heavy news to announce. Last year, my book Guards Gone Wild! was accepted by 2 chain bookstores in Singapore. Namely, Times and Kinokuniya. When I made that announcement, it was the proudest moment of my life as a writer. Well, yesterday, my distributor informed me that my book was...
  6. Loh Teck Yong

    Calling All Book Reviewers From Singapore!

    Hi there, my fellow writers and bookworms! I am a self-published author from Singapore and I am seeking some book reviewers or feature writers for my recently published book, Guards Gone Wild!. It is a memoir of my experiences in the private security industry. There’s plenty to tell. Scams...
  7. Loh Teck Yong

    Singapore Government To Implement Harsher Penalties Against Sleeping Security Guards

    With effect from 1st January 2019, security guards in Singapore who display errant behaviour while on the job can face a fine of not more than S$2000 and/or a jail sentence of not more than 3 months. Errant behaviour here includes dozing off, using abusive language and going missing from one's...
  8. Loh Teck Yong

    Looking for madman/antihero perspective

    My recommendation is the Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay. They are about this kinda crazy anti-hero called Dexter Morgan. He has a day job at the police department as some kind of forensic scientist but he's not really law-abiding. He goes around killing criminals, usually psychopathic killers.
  9. Loh Teck Yong

    Thoughts on a books website idea?

    I think it would be interesting. As for whether it would be useful or not, I guess you can only find out after the website's been set up. I like your idea but right now we don't know how many bookworms will actually use your site. I have a question. Will you only use reviews from other sites...
  10. Loh Teck Yong

    A book by its cover!

    It's not an easy question to answer. Sure, if I am browsing through a bookstore, a book with an attractive cover will attract my attention. But then, I will only make the final decision to purchase the book after reading through the first few pages. So, having an attractive book cover will...
  11. Loh Teck Yong

    Hello from Singapore!

    Hi guys, I am a security guard <slash> writer from Singapore. Last year, in October, I finally realized my dream of becoming a published author. Okay, I self-published my book but I managed to get it into 2 chain bookstores in Singapore. If there are other writers from Singapore here, feel...