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  1. The waveguide

    book about courts, trial, judges, verdicts

    Hi, I am looking for a book where the plot would take place around a trial in a court, with judges, attorneys and verdicts. I'm looking for the whole court process that would be described in a book . Kafka's "trial" is cool but I am looking for additional books, fiction and non- fiction. Any...
  2. The waveguide

    New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival ???

    Had anybody been to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival ? How is that? I mean, is it a sort of a commercial tourist-trap, or is it something with a soul ;)? We are much into Jazz - but we can not decide if this festival is a **must-visit**, or is it better to postpone our...
  3. The waveguide

    Orson Scott Card to J.K. Rowling

    I've just seen this little review of Orson regarding the greediness of Rowling. I wonder what people here think :)
  4. The waveguide

    Poll: Suzanne Vega

    Hi, It was pointed out here that "mainly women own Suzanne Vega music". I wonder what you'd say :cool:
  5. The waveguide

    Anime musical

    I never know who are those crazy enthusiast who do this type of art, for free, but I love it! So I decided to share some culture with you: click here for some culture :) (press "play" :)
  6. The waveguide

    Indian movies: an observation

    I've been to India some time ago, and in almost every hostel we had a TV in our room. What completely irked :eek: me in the movies: the actors do not look Indians! Outside the door, in the streets - you see noisy, colorful, smelly, dirty India. You put on an Indian movie- white people...
  7. The waveguide

    Poetry stuck in your mind

    Does poetry get stuck in your mind from time to time? - I mean either in English or in your mother tongue? Every time that I know I must do something and I am too lazy to do it, these lines come to my mind (So annoying!)
  8. The waveguide

    Gustave Flaubert

    Funny, but though Flaubert's "Madame Bovary" was chosen as the book of the month in April 2008 discussion, I did not find his entry here in "Author Discussion" sub-forum. However, I was interested in his other novel, Salammbô. Had anybody read it? Here is a weird thing from wikipedia...
  9. The waveguide

    Actors and a talent to speak

    Should actors know to talk, in their everyday life? I just saw "Last Samurai" with Tom Cruise. At the end of the DVD he gave an interview. I thought to myself, "let's see it, he must know now A GREAT DEAL about Samurais and their culture". It went like that: Tom Cruise; "You know, I...
  10. The waveguide

    Rafael Sabatini

    Something in the Alexandre Dumas thread deeply reminded me of other books that I liked as a kid. Rafael Sabatini (the author of "Captain Blood") is another such romantic writer, whose books I enjoyed back then, along with Dumas' romances... I believe that whoever liked Dumas' "The Count of...
  11. The waveguide

    Telling person's character by his music collection

    So here was the suggestion: I may start with my CD collection - can you tell the personality ? (I mean, from the CDs, not from my previous posts :D
  12. The waveguide

    Motokid: an idea for "Alter-Ego-Contest"

    There has been a discussion on luck of contests in this forum, and Motokid has suggested to bring them back... So here is what I thought to propose: There has been a whole new literature Genre born in B&R (see examples below) - it will be pity to loose it forever... I laughed so much when I...
  13. The waveguide

    Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you are

    Had it ever happened to you - you enter somebody's house, give a glance over the bookshelves, and you can figure out who is the person? I found myself scanning people's bookshelves automatically as I enter. If I enter a girl's house and it is full of cheesy romans (including "Little...
  14. The waveguide

    Please advise a book about fishes (for kids)!

    Hi, May be somebody here can advise a colorful book about life in the sea/ocean life (sharks, anemone fish, corals, dolphins, sea turtles - and so on), for a 9-years old? The kids saw "Finding Nemo", and got excited, but I do not have any idea what kind of book on this subject I can find...
  15. The waveguide

    "The Two-Mile Time Machine" or " Oxygen: The Molecule that Made the World" ?

    I am currently looking for a good, not complicated book on the (geo)history of our Earth - in order to get updated on our planet's ice ages, climate changes, life evolution. Had anybody read any of these books: ] Richard B. Alley: or Nick Lane Or may be somebody can advise a...
  16. The waveguide

    Your favorite Nobel Prize author

    From the list of the Literature Nobel Prize winners - which can be found here - who is your favorite author, and which of his/her book did you like the best? Which books, on the other hand, you would not recommend for reading? I'll start: My favorite so far is José Saramago (Laureate of...
  17. The waveguide

    Bee Movie

    Just seen the Bee Movie. I went because I like the Seinfeld's show. I had lots of expectations - I guess this was my mistake. The movie is cute, well animated, has some touch of Seinfeld's "family humor". It is also a "green" movie, emphasizing that animals are living creatures - and that...
  18. The waveguide

    Wearing tights in winter - can somebody explain me this?

    I need an advice from people living in cold countries. I am coming from a very hot country to a very cold one. I needed to buy stuff for the coming winter, so I watched closely people in the streets for realizing what to buy. May be somebody here from cold countries can explain to me how...
  19. The waveguide


    Just came back from watching the Beowulf. Neil Gaiman surprises me already twice this month - the previous time was 2 weeks ago with Stardust movie. I really enjoyed the plot, the animation, and the music. I did not come with any expectations, and had a wonderful time. At Wikipedia I read...
  20. The waveguide

    Classic books into good movies?

    Did anybody see recently a good movie screened after a classic book? I saw Jane Eyre, which i found well made, and Oliver Twist, also not bad. I also saw Pride and Prejudice which I did not like (but neither did I like the book. All those women, all those Ms. Bennet, are pitifull...