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  1. ilusyonada

    Strange Sounding Titles...

    abnkkbsnplako (it's true, i used to have a copy of this book but someone borrowed it and never returned the book, i guess she enjoyed it too much)
  2. ilusyonada

    You ever...?

    it always happens to me. what i do is get an old favorite, read it again and then go back to the book i started previously and hopefully i get to finish it.
  3. ilusyonada

    What book are you?

    i got: Watership Down! by Richard Adams Though many think of you as a bit young, even childish, you're actually incredibly deep and complex. You show people the need to rethink their assumptions, and confront them on everything from how they think to where they build their houses. You might...
  4. ilusyonada

    Ken Follett: The Pillars Of The Earth

    i've just read the book recently. it was on sale (really cheap. it was quite ok but not my favorite book by the author. it was quite long too, i struggled to finish it.
  5. ilusyonada

    Must read classics

    the books of steinbeck
  6. ilusyonada

    New writer here...

    welcome! i hope you enjoy your visits here. good luck on your book.
  7. ilusyonada

    C.S. Lewis

    i like the chronicles of narnia. when i first discovered the book in the school library, i got hooked. i read it anytime there's a break in school work. i almost got into trouble because it was the only thing i was reading. one of my teachers noticed and she threatened to hide the books if...
  8. ilusyonada

    What is the longest book/work you've ever read?

    confessions of st. augustine took me one year to finish. it was long for me
  9. ilusyonada

    Lotus Land Calls to You.

    welcome! i hope you enjoy your visits here
  10. ilusyonada

    Question Game

    a real, live frog (it was a prank) what do plan to give as a gift to your youngest sibling?
  11. ilusyonada


    Do you drink tea? Yes, especially at night before i go to sleep What flavors are your favorite or do you just like it plain? i drink only black or green tea, occasionally chamomile tea What do you put in it? if the tea is black, sugar and milk, if green tea - just sugar. i like both iced...
  12. ilusyonada

    Top 20 Geek Novels

    i've read two of those(I think...i wasn't sure if i read 1984 in hs, i forgot, but i am sure we have a copy of it at home). i loved microserfs
  13. ilusyonada

    Crushes on fictional characters

    when i was young, it was hans brinker (hans brinker or the silver skates by spyri). when i was in high school, jason bourne was totally my crush
  14. ilusyonada

    Your Reading Style??

    How many books on average do you read in a month? on a good month 5-6. when i'm not in the mood 1 When it comes to reading do you prefer to read hardcover or soft? whichever will do If you have your own personal library is it stocked with softcover or hardcover? both Do you enjoy reading...
  15. ilusyonada

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Movie

    i saw the movie a week ago. i saw the first two potter movies but wasn't able to see the third one. anyway, i wasn't satisfied with the movie, there seems to be something lacking, not because of the parts omitted but in the way the story was put together, it seemed too fragmented
  16. ilusyonada

    Which book scared you?

    amityville. never read another horror book after that
  17. ilusyonada

    Wandering books. Does this happen to you?

    my sister likes to keep all things neat. if i can't find my book, she probably placed it somewhere. drives me crazy at times since i can't find the book when she arranges my things too well
  18. ilusyonada

    How do you get rid?

    i give them away if anyone's interested in having them
  19. ilusyonada

    HEY ya'll!!

    hi amy! welcome! what are you planning to read in these coming months?
  20. ilusyonada

    Old Christmas Threads (gifts, well wishes, etc)

    harry potter 6 for my younger sister. it's what she wants as a gift