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  1. wilderness

    Vikram Seth: Two Lives

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has read his autobiography? I'm in the middle of it now and wanted to know what other people thought of it. Lani
  2. wilderness

    How should I arrange the books on my new bookshelf?

    Yes, this post is slightly pedantic and stupid, but it is very important. I am rearranging my room to suit my new-finished-high-school persona and part of that includes a new bigger bookshelf :) :) :) So...how should I arrange the books? Should I arrange them in genres? (like short story...
  3. wilderness

    The Dreamers

    Has anyone seen this movie? A group of friends and I were bored on a saturday night and decided, some us being recently 18, to hire a pornographic movie, and we decided on the dreamers.. It turned out to be completely different. I loved it. I thought it was moving..everyone else hated it...
  4. wilderness

    Alain de Botton

    Hey I start my new job in a bookstore yesterday and I was given time to just walk around and read blurbs, and I came across this author. I read the first chapter of his book Essays in Love...and I love it. (I'm waiting till I get my staff discount till I buy it...but I cant stop thinking...
  5. wilderness

    Ffion Murphy - Devotion

    Hey Has anybody read Ffion Murphy's novel, Devotion? http://www.fremantlepress.com.au/book.php?bookID=326 I finished it a few days ago and am not quite sure how I feel about it. Just wondering other peoples opinions on it. Lani
  6. wilderness

    It was not silent (Very short!..and has a question)

    Hey This is just a first draft of a new story, and I've only just started it. My best friend read it and percieved the main character entirely different to how I intended it. Just wondering on your opinions. It Was Not Silent I don’t believe in silence. I always manage to hear a...
  7. wilderness

    I'm a valentines baby!

    Yup! Tomorrow, Valentines day, is my 17th birthday!!! Yay! First year that I actually have a valentine! Now, for those of you who are sending me presents, please PM me to get my address. Lani
  8. wilderness

    Want to learn a new word every day.

    Hey I, like every writer, am looking to improve my vocabulary. I have heard about websites that email you every day with a new word and definition. Do any of you know the websites? Or perhaps we can start a post where we all post new words and definitions. Lani
  9. wilderness

    The books I'm reading for year 12...have you guys read them?

    I'm doing english and literature so I've got more books to read. I have 2 weeks to read all of these (which will be hard because I struggle reading assigned school books.) The wife of Martin Guerre - Janet Lewis Blueprints for a barbed-wire canoe - Wayne Macauley Will you please be quiet...
  10. wilderness

    Want to write a poem for my boyfriends birthday. Don't know how to go about it.

    Hey His birthday is at the end of March so I have heaps of time, but I want to write him a poem. I have written many poems before, so I'm not new to it. I just don't know how to go about it. I don't want a lovey-duvey thing thats all mushy and flowery, but something more open and creative...
  11. wilderness

    'Unknown'. A short story...First time posting my writing.

    Hey I wrote this story a few years ago and revise and edit it every few months. It's my favourite piece ever written. Comments and critics would be greatly appreciated, but nothing too harsh. 'Unknown' Anna's parents had promised to drop by, but days had passed and they were never seen...
  12. wilderness

    Could I use this name on my books?

    Hey I dont want to use my real name on my novela (presuming I will get published)...because I don't think my name is a good selling name..so I was wondering if the name on my books could be: Wilderness. Would publishers allow that? What do you think? Lani
  13. wilderness

    Andrew Rosenheim: Stillriver

    Has anyone read this? I have 30 pages to go and I LOVE it!! Its really incredible. Has anyone read it? Or can someone? PLEASE Lani
  14. wilderness

    Kate Holden - In My Skin

    As anyone read this book? A description of the novel: Ever wondered how ordinary, educated people drift into the underworld of drugs and prostitution? University graduate Kate Holden takes us there with brutal candour and occasional whimsy. Her battle with heroin leads to sex work on the...
  15. wilderness

    Stephen Booth

    Anyone read him? I'm seeing him talk in a few weeks so I baught one of his books today. Lani
  16. wilderness

    What would you do with the day?

    If you had midnight till midnight (24 hours)...all to your self. That is no deadlines, chores, responsibilities...ANYTHING, what would you do? How would you spend the day? Lani
  17. wilderness

    Which Authors have you met/emailed?

    Hey The Age Melbourne Writers Festival is starting in a few weeks and I will be seeing a whole lot of my favourite authors. Which authors have you met? Or have you emailed? lani
  18. wilderness

    Kinda new...from aussie.

    Hey Well, I got my member ship here in May..but havent really introduced myself! I'm a 16 year old girl who lives in Aussie. I'm an avid reading with ambitions of being a published author... hummm. what else to say... lani
  19. wilderness

    How often do you buy books?

    I think I'm buying books too aften. How often do you guys here buy books?? Lani
  20. wilderness

    Reading more than one book?

    Hey, Do any of you read more than one book at once? I never do, but I'm reading a very large book that its hard to read more than 10 pages in one sitting (heavy novel, intense). So I'm reading a James Patterson book as well, (VERY short chapters, convenient). This is the only time I would...