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  1. RivenBorn

    My Poetry

    Beyond the graves of the holy sinners I seek my revenge among the dead I arise from my grave I arise to seek the living My arms are cold my skin is pale and I thirst for blood I thirst for warmth of salty blood draining down my throat I arise to meet the one that created me He...
  2. RivenBorn

    Book Ideas

    I don't wether these are great book ideas but I think this is a great place to tell you of my ideas. I am still new at writing and still trying to figure were I should direct to. I might head into screen play writing since I am going into media arts and animation to design my own creations in...
  3. RivenBorn

    C.S. Lewis: The Inklings

    For years know some of my favorite authors including the most noted authors C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien came from the Inklings. My favorite however is C.S. Lewis... Though a Christian writer I still enjoy his work. I am very unbiased to people's religions. I myself raised Catholic but...
  4. RivenBorn

    Favorite Manga of all time

    This is for those who read manga to make a list of your favorite or those you own. Here is my top five favorites. 1. Mars 2. Fake 3. Uzamaki 4. Uten 5. Sailor Moon Stars
  5. RivenBorn

    Hello Friends

    Hello everyone I am Nicole or RivenBorn or Riven however you like to call me. I love reading and I decided to join this site because of that reason plus to meet new people. My favorite authors are Anne Rice, C.S. Lewis, Steven King and few others. I also love poetry my favorite poet is Poe. Well...