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  1. RivenBorn

    Hello from a newbie

    Hello! Welcome!
  2. RivenBorn


    I can give you some good aithors... Terry GoodKind, Terry Brooks, C.S. Lewis, etc... I have more but I can't think. Anyway welcome!
  3. RivenBorn

    Greetings TBF

  4. RivenBorn

    don't stone the newbie

    Never heard of Durrell... But I will check him out. But anyway welcome!
  5. RivenBorn

    Hello, everyone!

    Hello and welcome! Anyway don't worry about mistakes. I make so many mistakes in grammer and spelling when I am writting on the computer is not funny and english is my first language. lol... But that happens. Welcomes!
  6. RivenBorn

    What are you reading - May/June?

    Nothing know but a few Graphic Novels... But I am thinking of reading some Terry GoodKind books.
  7. RivenBorn

    My Poetry

    Beyond the graves of the holy sinners I seek my revenge among the dead I arise from my grave I arise to seek the living My arms are cold my skin is pale and I thirst for blood I thirst for warmth of salty blood draining down my throat I arise to meet the one that created me He...
  8. RivenBorn


    Yep! Oddly enough I am the only in my school that even knows true goth music. I think I am the only one in my school district that days from all the people I meet. But that is cool. Sisters of Mercy are great. I always though their anti goth approach makes them more goth then they want to...
  9. RivenBorn

    Hey Everyone...

    Hi and Welcome... My favorite author is C.S. Lewis.
  10. RivenBorn

    Book Ideas

    Thanks both of you! :)
  11. RivenBorn

    Interview with the Vampire

    Well Tom Cruise to many people's eye probably was not the actor for Lestat. Lestat is more of a rock star image and also younger image. But when you really watch Tom play Lestat you have to say he was better then Peter Townsend in Queen of the Damn. Also Brad Pitt played a good Louis and...
  12. RivenBorn

    Hello Friends

    Thank you! :)
  13. RivenBorn

    Hello Friends

    Narnia is from the books by C.S. Lewis. I am from New Jersey actually. Thanks Anna. I know writting can be difficult. I been trying to write books and stories for nearly five years know it is just time is so little. Who knows what I will do.
  14. RivenBorn

    Hello Friends

    :D My avatar is from my favorite anime Fruits Basket. I always loved big eyes myself. It brings the character more alive I always thought. That is cool that you write childrens books. I always wanted to write books for young kids just never got a chance. My goal right know is to get into...
  15. RivenBorn

    Book Ideas

    Thanks.... It still needs work and names need changing it just takes awhile to figure what to do. This is bascly directed more towards making a film then a book however I prefer writing it as a book. I think it would be more easier on myself. The villian just goes with the plot a little more...
  16. RivenBorn

    Book Ideas

    I don't wether these are great book ideas but I think this is a great place to tell you of my ideas. I am still new at writing and still trying to figure were I should direct to. I might head into screen play writing since I am going into media arts and animation to design my own creations in...
  17. RivenBorn

    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    C.S. Lewis for his work and for his open mind.
  18. RivenBorn

    C.S. Lewis: The Inklings

    For years know some of my favorite authors including the most noted authors C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien came from the Inklings. My favorite however is C.S. Lewis... Though a Christian writer I still enjoy his work. I am very unbiased to people's religions. I myself raised Catholic but...
  19. RivenBorn

    Piers Anthony

    I remember reading one of the Xanith books but I forget which. I believe I have two or three books of his in my collection but I have so many to read that I forget what I have sometimes. Yeah I heard about hit writting and I think for any author they have some controversy to them.
  20. RivenBorn

    Hello Friends

    Thank you for your welcomes... Anna (is that ok if I call you that) hey thank you for the links. I am glad to meet a writer. Thank you! :)