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    Harry Potter - What is a 'tea cozy'?

    Tea Cosy I use our "tea cosy" every morning. I make the tea in a teapot at 6.50am, and drink it at 6.55am. My wife then comes down at 7.20am and enjoys a nice hot cup of tea.
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    Who is your favourite author, and why?

    Favourite Authors So we are all talking about our favourite authors. Reading some of the posts and the listing of your favourite authors I then start to ask whether the choice of author relates to the location of the poster. For instance is such and such an author equally well known on both...
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    My latest non-fiction buys.

    The Great Escape This is another book that has been made into a movie. It is in B & W if I remember correctly. I have just finished reading "Colditz by Henry Chancellor". This goes into more detail about the hundreds of escape attempts made from the castle, by all nationalities. I would...
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    Hey from Atlanta

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    A Wider Audiance

    I visited our local library to ask the Chief Librarian if they would be interested in promoting "The Book Forum". They were very interested, so I said that I would produce some A4 posters that they could display to advertise this web site. The Chief Librarian also offered to send some...
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    Comparison of Traditional Publishing to Print-on-Demand

    Sorry, I was taking P.O.D. to mean "Print on demand" where I would select a book, download it, print it out, and then read it. Now I think that it means "Publish on demand" where I select a book, and the publisher prints me out a hard copy, binds it and sends it to me by post. Am I right...
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    Comparison of Traditional Publishing to Print-on-Demand

    I have down-loaded an e-book to my hard drive. The question now is do I try to read it from my monitor screen, ( all eight-hundred odd pages) or do I print it out on my dot matrix printer and then read it? I know that I could't read many pages at a time from my 19 inch monitor without...
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    Do You Have A Set Time For Reading?

    I usually only get time to read during my lunch break, i.e. half an hour per day. My evenings are spent doing chores and watching TV/DVD.
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    Classic Books

    John Halifax, Gentleman Thanks for the info Darren. I have downloaded the e-text for perusal later on.
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    Difficult books.

    I am still wading through "It" by Stephen King. This book has also been beside my bed for the last six months. I keep reading a chapter or two and then leave it for a couple of weeks.
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    Recommendations anyone?!

    Martin, Can you give us more details about the kind of books the authors you mention are about. A synopsis from each book would be great. Perhaps this is something that all members should think about. After all, a list of authors and their books means nothing if we have not heard of...
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    Classic Books

    As I have mentioned on the forum before. When I was a lad at school we had to read at least one book per week and then write up a synopsis. The English teacher would then select at random a member of the class to talk about the book and it's author. One book that sticks in my mind as being...
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    New to the site

    Welcome to the book forum Vicky, the friendliest forum on the net. It is nice to see new members from "down-under" where the sun never stops shining. I read "The Hobbit" quite a few years ago prior to moving on to "Lord of the Rings". The Hobbit is a good introduction to "Middle Earth"...
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    Ken Follett

    I also enjoy novels by Ken Follett. His list of books contain the following:- The Modigliani Scandal Paper Money Eye of the Needle -- filmed as "Storm Island" Triple The Key to Rebecca The Man from St Petersburg On Wings of Eagles Lie Down with Lions The Pillars of the Earth Night...
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    Stephen King: It

    It is a great pity that we cannot enroll some of the authors into the book forum. The question "Was King mistaken in his portrayal" might then be answered. I don't know how we could get some of the current authors, whose books are given a mention, interested in joining. Do any forum...
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    Reading more than one book at the same time

    I am currently reading "IT" by Stephen King at bedtime and "Zero Option" by Chris Ryan at lunch time. No getting these two mixed up is there? Ian
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    Horror books to Horror Movies.

    I also remember the problems we had with our son after he had watched "Jaws". I also noticed the number of kids around six, seven and eight who had been taken to see "Spiderman" by their parents. I don't know if they were affected afterwards or not but they did not seem to be. I can...
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    Stephen King: It

    I think the main thing that struck me was the kids use of obscene language. I don't remember me and my mates using it in the school playground, but then again I suppose ten years further down the line things had changed. Ian
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    Horror books to Horror Movies.

    I am currently reading (wading through) "IT" by Stephen King. This is one of his books that has been made into a movie. I notice in other threads that people talk about "scary" films presumably made from "scary" books. I can relate to a "scary" movie but not to a "scary" book. I can find...
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    Stephen King: It

    Here I am trying out some of the features in the new "Library" that Darren will be introducing soon. I am currently "wading" through "IT" and I am finding it rather hard going. The children in the book would be at the same age as Stephen King in 1958. It would therefore, not be too...