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Search results

  1. bleumana

    Laugh Out Loud Funny

    Currently reading How I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely and it has me cracking up. Sex Lives of Cannibals Lamb Those are funny too :)
  2. bleumana

    Honest fantasy book covers

    This is hilarious. Thanks!
  3. bleumana

    Joss Whedon

    I'm torn about Dollhouse. But you all are right, the first episodes of Buffy and Angel weren't great. I read that Fox got involved with some things and made them rewrite the script for Dollhouse. So the ending is different than what Whedon intended. The production side of things has...
  4. bleumana

    *First time* untitled short story

    well you will have to experiment and work it out. Rewrite, rewrite! That's the frust...I mean, fun part! If the conversation/argument is a part of the character development/plot then include it. Maybe shorten it. For an example of excellent dialogue being used to advance plot/develop...
  5. bleumana

    My Amazon Kindle review....finally!

    For the release of Kindle 2, Stephen King put out a book to be exclusively sold in a digital format for the device. How do people feel about the idea of authors (especially those well read) releasing material exclusively in this way? Someone mentioned that copyrights may have something...
  6. bleumana

    Kindle and Digital Books?

    alright. good. i'll look at that.
  7. bleumana

    Kindle and Digital Books?

    With the release of the second version of the Amazon Kindle and a Stephen King book exclusively published for it (i.e. digital and not in tangible book form), I am curious to everyone's opinion on books in a digital age. How do you feel about reading books in a digital format? Do you...
  8. bleumana


    The reviews are so mixed. People love or hate this one. Every time I hear about Twilight, it just reminds me of old Buffy the Vampire Slayer plotlines....
  9. bleumana

    Books you would NOT SUGGEST to your kids. Why? At what age would you recommend it?

    Shouldn't we be encouraging children to read instead of restricting them?!
  10. bleumana

    Getting back into reading

    The Alchemist is a great book to reintroduce reading! Vonnegut is great too. Have you read Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse? You may enjoy it if you like The Alchemist. It's short and sweet. You may enjoy other works by Paulo Coelho. Christopher Moore is good, quirky, funny and quick to read. :)
  11. bleumana

    *First time* untitled short story

    It is bad to have pointless dialogue. Your dialogue should drive your story, advance your plot, give character depth, etc. If it doesn't have a point, get rid of it. That can be true for every single sentence.
  12. bleumana

    Brick & mortar bookstores- R.I.P. & good riddance

    I agree with you Libra6 about the employees' position at the bookstore...they are retail workers, not librarians. As far as price goes.. B&N mostly sells Trade Paperbacks or Hardcovers, which have a higher price tag than mass market. I don't know if book prices have just gotten crazy over...
  13. bleumana

    Joss Whedon

    I didn't get the connection about your username until you mentioned it... That's pretty funny :) So far the Dollhouse clips are intriguing. At first the blurbs written about it made it sound like a knock off of the Bourne idea, but after seeing clips it's obviously not that at all.
  14. bleumana

    Books on Homosexuality

    Some great fiction involving homosexuality is written by Michael Cunningham (focus on male homosexuality) or Jeanette Winterson (dealing more with fluidity/androgyny/lesbianism). Michelle Tea is a writer from San Francisco and publishes through small presses, but writes on the subject as well.
  15. bleumana

    Joss Whedon

    His work is fantastic. Dollhouse is coming next month and I'm so excited! Any other Joss fans out there?
  16. bleumana

    Re-reading books

    I re-read books sometimes. I've read Written On The Body by Jeanette Winterson a few times and every time I find new things. I also like to reapproach books I have read a few years ago because as I experience the world more, stories tend to change... When words and images are beautiful I...
  17. bleumana

    What do you hate most about writing?

    I have this too...The sad thought that there's so much out there, what can I contribute? I hate that I compare myself to others and sometimes don't trust my instinct. I hate the insecurity connected to "is this good enough?" or even "is this what my voice really sounds like?"
  18. bleumana

    Books you would NOT SUGGEST to your kids. Why? At what age would you recommend it?

    If it wasn't for Charlotte's Web, read to me in first grade, and The Witches, read in second grade, I may not be the avid reader that I am today. As a child if someone told me I couldn't read something, it made me more determined to see what it was. I think getting kids to read and having...
  19. bleumana

    Favorite Character in Harry Potter

    Hermoine in books five and seven. Also Luna Lovegood.
  20. bleumana

    The demise of Borders bookstore

    agreed! I have never been able to figure out where things are either. It frustrates me so I don't shop at Borders.