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  1. Nifty

    BAR Updates! - Waaaaay Overdue! ;)

    Hey all! A note to let you know that we've updated the software on BAR! It's pretty new to me too, so we'll need to work together to figure out the new bits :D For the most-part though, core usability and functionality should be more-less the same! Thanks for being awesome!!! Rob
  2. Nifty

    Forum Software Updated - Poll Editing, Quick Quote, Etc.

    Hey Everyone! We've updated the site to the newest software! There are a lof of changes behind the scenes (better spam and user management and other stuff), but here are some things that y'all will notice: Online status indicator on messages Another very common suggestion was to indicate if a...
  3. Nifty

    Forum Feature Spotlight: Drag & Drop Uploading

    With the summer season just around the corner, we are sure that everyone's excited to just lie around and bask under the glorious heat of the sun. To add more to your excitement (hopefully), we are going to highlight another feature of our new and improved platform. Ladies and gents, we would...