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    Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

    I have just finished reading Fall of Giants and found it absolutely riveting. Never thought I would be able to enjoy a novel set against War so much. Though I did read War and Peace and had also liked it, but Tolstoy's philosophical monologues were quite hard to read. Whereas in here I found Ken...
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    Last Alphabet

    Post the name of a book and author, and the next person would post the name of another book beginning with the last alphabet of either the book or the author. Lets get the ball rolling with one of my favorite Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
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    1984 : Science Fiction or Political Horror?

    I have just finished reading 1984 by George Orwell. The book was written in 1949, predicting the future 35 years later, i.e. in 1984. Orwell has created a negative utopia in his novel, where the Party keeps tab on people 24X7, strictly controls the media and society and nobody is allowed to...
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    R.K. Narayan: The Guide

    I am a die hard fan of R K Narayan. Be it his delightfully funny Swami and Friends, philosophical English Teacher or slightly off track Bachelor of Arts. There is hardly any of his novel which struck me as unimpressive. So, the moment I began reading 'The Guide', I knew that I am going to love...
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    Émile Gaboriau: The Accursed House

    I recently read a short story 'The Accursed House' by the french writer, Emile Gabriau. I really liked Emile's way of writing and his ability to exhibit the strange paradoxes of this world in a comic tone. Have anyone of you read the story? Any suggestions regarding his other great stories.