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    A Wider Audiance

    I visited our local library to ask the Chief Librarian if they would be interested in promoting "The Book Forum". They were very interested, so I said that I would produce some A4 posters that they could display to advertise this web site. The Chief Librarian also offered to send some...
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    Horror books to Horror Movies.

    I am currently reading (wading through) "IT" by Stephen King. This is one of his books that has been made into a movie. I notice in other threads that people talk about "scary" films presumably made from "scary" books. I can relate to a "scary" movie but not to a "scary" book. I can find...
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    Stephen King: It

    Here I am trying out some of the features in the new "Library" that Darren will be introducing soon. I am currently "wading" through "IT" and I am finding it rather hard going. The children in the book would be at the same age as Stephen King in 1958. It would therefore, not be too...
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    My latest non-fiction buys.

    I recently had a spending spree with "Amazon" and bought the following titles:- The Great Escape by Anton Gill (The full dramatic story of the escape from Stalag Luft III with contributions from survivors and their families) Capturing Enigma by Stephen Harper (How the destroyer HMS...
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    Jeffrey Archer: Honour Among Thieves

    Review now in the reviews library. Ian
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    The Brontë Sisters

    Some time ago I said that I would visit Haworth, which is not very far from where I live, and take some photographs around the area. I have eventually got around to doing this and hope to post some soon, when Darren tells me how to do it. In the meantime for all Brontë fans here are some web...
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    Julian Richards: Blood of the Vikings

    Review now in the reviews library. I certainly recommend this book to all our members. Ian
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    Old Films

    This post will test a good few memories. Does anyone remember the film "King Solomon's Mines"? This film was made from a book written by Henry Rider Haggard. Does anyone know about this author? I remember as a young lad I listed this author as one of my favourites, along with Captain W...