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  1. Hazel Grace

    Elias Zapple: Children's Author and Mustache Model

    The Unlikely Story of Elias Zapple Elias Zapple was not born in 1922, as some would have you believe. His date of birth is not really relevant anyway. What is relevant is that he arose out of a tulip that was growing in some old granny's garden in Camberwell. How he got to be in a tulip is...
  2. Hazel Grace

    J. K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

    I love the books of Harry Potter. Thanks J. K. Rowling for the awesome creation.
  3. Hazel Grace

    I am a new one

    It's Hazel Grace, I want to introduce with you. I am from UK. From now you can find me in this forum regularly. Thanks.