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  1. Gilgamesh

    Bin Laden Raid Graphic Novel

    Graphic novel gets creative with bin Laden raid - CBS News Are we turning into communists? I don't agree with terrorism, but are we trying to indoctrinate our children by publishing these type of stories as a graphic novel/comic book?
  2. Gilgamesh

    What's the most misspelled word?

    For the last few weeks, I have been running into a misspelled word ‘definately’. And I was just bored and did a search of the word in the misspelled manner. So far there are 462 instances of the word found in this Book & Reader’s Forum. The spelling can be easily memorized if you know how to...
  3. Gilgamesh

    Free 5 Gig of space at Amazon.com

    I recently read about this in the news. Amazon (AMZN) Ambushes its Competitors with an Assault in the Cloud Amazon, trying to compete against Google, Microsoft, and Apple for offering free (and fee based) space in the web. I know I can put up to 1 GB of pictures in Google Picasa. With...
  4. Gilgamesh

    What would you do if you win a lottery?

    Last week, mega lottery in California, was something like 300 million dollars. The lottery is multi-state affair, and it seems one New Yorker took the prize. Earlier I was reading on this forum, and one of the new members, Cwenmaria, had stated that she would get a small library built in her...
  5. Gilgamesh

    Free E-books

    I know there are lot of free e-books. But I wanted to share some with BAR members that you might find with interest as I run into them. This one is offered by Amazon (US), not sure of other countries. Best Little Stories from the Civil War: More than 100 true stories
  6. Gilgamesh

    Free E-book on Getting Published

    Get Published [Kindle Edition] It's free at present time. Price may change at another time.
  7. Gilgamesh

    Just curious how this forum works.

    Just curious. How come in some groups, older threads are gone? Like: Book Search & Suggestions, has only 5 threads. There were more before. Is B&R forum programmed to delete old threads, one of the mods remove them once it gets old? Or is it in hide mode? And I think there's way to...
  8. Gilgamesh

    Brits are closing their libraries.

    Britain Faces Closing The Book On Libraries Our county libraries are facing closures also here in Los Angeles County. I sent in a letter to my representative and our state governor. It seems our library is still standing and have not cut their hours yet. I hope the Brits keep their...
  9. Gilgamesh

    Solved - Outliers: The Story of Success Malcolm Gladwell

    I read this book not too long ago. It discussed about how communications between an airplane captain and co-captain were causing problems with decision making to guide the plane to safety. The main problem was the language that was being spoken. After NTSB or some international...
  10. Gilgamesh

    Buying multiple copies.

    I'm trying to see if I can purchase multiple copies of a book. About 20. Anyone know where I can do this and get a gread deal?
  11. Gilgamesh

    Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol

    "Available on September 15, The Lost Symbol is Dan Brown's eagerly awaited follow-up to The Da Vinci Code, and will once again follow Robert Langdon through a masterful and unexpected new landscape." - Amazon.com Who's going to be one of the first readers?
  12. Gilgamesh

    Name some book that boys would like to read.

    I have a son who is about to leap into reading 'long' books. He said he read all the Harry Potter series. He also read Fablehaven and Candyshop Wars by Brandon Mull. He then would re-read his favorite series, Magic Tree House Series. But that seems 'too short' in my opinion. And, he read...
  13. Gilgamesh

    Hunt for Gollum

    Free movie! Hunt for Gollum Is it worth watching? Haven't found time to watch yet.
  14. Gilgamesh

    What have you planted recently?

    Giving care towards something so small and reminding yourself to share your time to a seedling can provide you with self-satisfaction that can sprinkle your inner spirit with panacea. Today, I planted some loquat seeds into a small pot. Anyone planted recently? Or have a green thumb?
  15. Gilgamesh

    Adblock plus + Firefox

    I'm trying out this adblock plus for Firefox web browser. It seems to work well. I hated seeing ads that have distracting animations, and now they are totally gone.
  16. Gilgamesh

    Trick Question Quiz

    Take the quiz here: Quiz: The Trick Question Quiz Have fun. :)
  17. Gilgamesh

    Happy 4th of July! (belated) What did you do?

    I cleaned out my garage! Lots of fun. At night, we went to a local park on a hill and watched fireworks.
  18. Gilgamesh

    How do you create polls?

    I'm sorry, I tried, but could not figure out. And I didn't want to do trial and error and get everyone confused. :D
  19. Gilgamesh

    Looking for Books from Asia 1894-1945

    There are many novels and non-fictions regards the times of Holocaust in Europe, but, I have not found a book from the East where China, Korea, Philipines, and other Asian countries being overtaken by the Imperial Japanese. Or have they not been translated into English yet? Any suggestions...
  20. Gilgamesh

    Congratulations to all the Celitic Fans!

    As I was growing up in central part of US, back in the 80's, I loved Larry Bird, Robert Parish, Danny Ainge, Kevin McHale. What can you say? Even now, as I live in Southern California, although I feel bad for Lakers, I still am happy to see Boston taking the championship.