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  1. Sofia

    Recently purchased DVDs

    Black Swan. Regretfully.
  2. Sofia

    Forum Newbie

    hello :)
  3. Sofia

    Favourite 3 books read in 2010

    agreed on The Book Thief...was fabulous xx p.s. we don't see enough of you over you-know-where ;)
  4. Sofia


    Pontiac/AB....may I suggest a traveling dictionary as well?
  5. Sofia

    12 Best One-Hit Wonders of the 80s

    now that song brings back memories :D
  6. Sofia

    José Saramago has passed away

    thanks for posting Heteronym...I had no idea...he was my fave too :sad::sad:
  7. Sofia

    Recently Finished

    Ring-Koji Suzuki :stars2:
  8. Sofia

    Your book activity today

    I stood in front of my bookcase for about 10 minutes trying to decide what to read next. never did decide on anything
  9. Sofia

    Recently Finished

    A Lesson Before Dying-Earnest J. Gaines :stars3:
  10. Sofia

    Happy Birthday Saliotthomas!

    impressive :flowers::flowers:
  11. Sofia

    Happy Birthday Saliotthomas!

    Cheers, have a great one :flowers:
  12. Sofia

    What Do You Do When...

    then chances are good you won't be paying attention to any of our answers
  13. Sofia

    Know any good detective novels?

    do yourself a favor and just completely skip the last 3
  14. Sofia

    Happy Birthday Abc

    Happy Birthday ABC :flowers:
  15. Sofia

    Your book activity today

    can I get a bit of ketchup and mustard? spicy brown...not the disgusting yellow....and a few sauteed onions too
  16. Sofia

    Your book activity today

    I switched to another bookmark
  17. Sofia

    Your book activity today

    did you spill any mustard on a page? that would count as book activity...right? maybe a pic of the splotch even? really jazz the thread up;)
  18. Sofia

    but we already do that at TFS

    but we already do that at TFS
  19. Sofia

    Recently purchased DVDs

    A Serious Man