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  1. direstraits

    Merry Christmas Everybody!

    It's Christmas now! Merry merry Christmas!
  2. direstraits

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Hauls?

    So, anyone splurged here? I got lots of stuff from Amazon, and Comixology (the bastards!). The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt Boy's Life, Robert McCammon Casino Royale, Ian Fleming The Silence of the Lambs, Thomas Harris The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris World War Z...
  3. direstraits

    Book Deals!

    Please post interesting online book sales/promotions here to alert our community of deals! Kindle Daily Deals (link) - Everyone should already know this, but Amazon has a daily deal where a small selection of Kindle books go on sale at very low prices. Kindle Monthly Deals (link) - Monthly...
  4. direstraits

    Do You Remember What You Read?

    I'm interested in knowing (especially from the very well-read members of our esteemed community) whether you remember what you've read, how much do you remember, and your typical retention period of a book's contents. Whether you're keeping a record of what you're reading, and if you do, in what...
  5. direstraits

    Books with Special Characteristics/Features/Gimmicks

    Ok, I want to know what's the most interesting, special book that you know of that's pushing what is generally regarded as fiction or even a normal book. The book or story must have some special characteristic that distinguishes it from being what you and I would call a 'normal' book. It helps...
  6. direstraits


    It's really shiny, very polished, very Pixar-like. But as the story goes along you realize that something is missing. 'Soul' would be too dramatic. 'Heart' is too pompous. I'll settle for 'Something'. I hadn't known if Pixar was involved in this film going in, but somewhere around the middle...
  7. direstraits


    There was a time when I travel weekly to a mall (sorta) near where I went to school to pick up my weekly dose of comics. Those times were tricky - comics were not available for cheap where I am, and I was a secondary school student to boot (I don't know your equivalent education level, I was...
  8. direstraits

    Pacific Rim

    Like seriously? Nobody watches movies here? Ok, I recently saw my first movie in years, and it's Pacific Rim. It's Ultraman given the Hollywood treatment. It's Avatar with robots and monsters. Fun! I had no idea what the film was about going in. My wife thought it was 'Pacific Rest', and did...
  9. direstraits

    Senses II (Wordcount 227)

    This hospital wing seemed deserted. She hated hospitals, and this is not helping. She swallowed, the hint of peppermint from the gum she chewed on the way here lingered. She couldn't remember which turn she took right after she exited the elevator. The nurse back at the main lobby mumbled...
  10. direstraits

    Howard Jacobson: 'I write fiction. The others write crap'

    Go to: Howard Jacobson: "I hate the phrase 'literary fiction'. I write fiction. The others write crap' | Books | The Observer.
  11. direstraits

    The Olympics Thread

    What? Nobody likes Olympics here? This cannot be! Loved that Murray won, that Federer needs to eat some humble pie. Awesome badminton action. Archery was riveting. Rifles not so much. Saw some of the best table tennis action ever. Been missing the Dream Team's performance on the basketball...
  12. direstraits


    A couple of months ago I discovered Suits. A fun drama about high-powered corporate lawyers. The protagonists are a mentor-mentee duo act, one a seasoned, highly effective attorney (Harvey), and the other a clever associate (Mike) who has photographic memory. The conceit of the show is that the...
  13. direstraits

    Tapatalk Support

    Dear Forum Administrators, I would like to ask if you could consider activating Tapatalk support for this forum? Tapatalk support would enable users of the Tapatalk mobile app to access this site, providing a more convenient user interface for forum access. Activation is free, but it does...
  14. direstraits

    Saul Bellow: Herzog

    Finished this last week. A very difficult piece, not just to read, but to talk about. There are instances where Bellow seemed to be describing things that I was feeling or thinking that I couldn't have put it any better myself. The story's depressing as heck. I made the mistake of trying to...
  15. direstraits

    Sherlock Holmes Canon - Completed!

    Finally, after decades of being a fan, I have finally finished everything in the Sherlock Holmes canon. I've read quite a lot before, but never dug into the latter collections and the 2 other novels, Valley of Fear and The Sign of Four. Now I know why Holmes is often referred to as a...
  16. direstraits

    JK Rowling writing an adult book

    Not that type of 'adult', so get your mind out of the gutter. Do any of you know anything about this? I heard about this a couple of weeks ago from NPR. :)
  17. direstraits

    Theme (wordcount 1687) - Warning: language

    My team was gathered onboard the Dreadnought Arcturus. CaiY, FuHF, BaoCL and LiXR were present for this particular mission briefing. Cyberverse was the premier online game of the last five years, and had taken over my online life for the best part of three. It was by far the most addictive...
  18. direstraits


    I had never been up to this floor before. The first thing that struck me as the elevator doors opened was the cacophony of ringtones, a dizzying stream of chatter, the shuffling of feet and papers. It seemed at first glance that the rows of cubicles stretched all the way to the skyline, which...
  19. direstraits


    "Not again, fer chrissakes!" This was going to be so ugly. "How many times must I tell you to do this? The company loses money every week because of your inability to do your clocking on time! Is it really that difficult, setting aside 5 bloody minutes every bloody Friday?" Jason...
  20. direstraits

    F2K Social - Free Online Creative Writing Course

    For those of you who are interested, F2K Social is accepting new registrants for their upcoming course starting 25 Jan. To register or more info go here: http://www.writersvillage.com/free/