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    Conn Iggulden: Wolf of the Plains

    The first of the Conqueror series chronicling the rise to power of Genghis Khan. This is a must-read book that lives up to its hype. The quote 'It seemed like a blockbuster movie was unfolding before me' is appropriate as stated in the book cover. The action is frenetic and the pace of the...
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    Sidney Sheldon

    One of the most thrilling writers I've had the pleasure to read. The words that come to my mind are absorbing and intriguing. Moreover, the climaxes of most of his books are astonishing. List of books The Naked Face A Stranger In The Mirror Rage of Angels If Tomorrow Comes The...
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    Hello to all

    Greetings all. I am a very passionate book lover. I like Fantasy and Crime novels. Favorite Books-LOTR, Harry Potter series, His Dark Materials series I was looking for a book readers forum and it sounds like I've come to just the right place!