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  1. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    Ah, thanks..... Uppity? And hysterical? Keep 'em coming guys.... Because this is the last straw. I am PM-ing Ice to remove my account from this forum. You asked whether I wanted you all to leave. Well, that would have been nice! But since you think that banality is the name of the game...
  2. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    And there we have it, ladies and gents... It is *my* fault. I am the one with the problem. Don't like the forum? Go somewhere else. Don't like the threads? Well, report your fellow board users like the stick-in-the-mud you are. What? I've only made 400 or so posts in a whole year and a...
  3. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    "And for many people, having fun involves silliness, banality and generally being daft". You seem to indicate that these are the only people who matter. What about the people who don't get their fun through silliness, banality and generally being daft? I personally get my fun on this forum...
  4. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    But when I explain to you my reasons for seriously considering leaving the forum in an effort to help you explain, you dismiss my reasons by stating that I should just ignore the threads that I find so undesirable. Believe me, I have *tried* to do this. I have tried over the last four or five...
  5. M

    Counting down.........

    Different countries, Scooter. October is A Feast for Crows for us, so, if you were really desperate, you could probably get it from here a month in advance (here being UK). Same as we've already had The Mark of Ran for a little while - I've heard mixed reviews of that one, and am not...
  6. M

    Counting down.........

    I am now at fever pitch waiting for A Feast for Crows in October. Of less interest, although I'll still buy the hardback for completeness, is the new Robert Jordan in the Wheel of Time series (I used to have the titles engraved on my brain at one point, waiting for release, but now I'm just...
  7. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    How? I don't know any of you better than I did when I first started at TBF. The only person I could begin to say I knew a little better is Martin, because we've shared emails etc. Just reading General Chat does not let you get to know people.
  8. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    I don't agree with Stewart's thoughts on the Da Vinci Code, but equally I don't find it offensive because *at least he's talking about books*! With regards to pizza/Survivor/every other example you want to throw at me, please see my previous comments regarding bandwidth. I accept your points...
  9. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    "Don't like it, don't read it." Yes, that's the welcoming attitude we've come to show to people on TBF. "What? You've got an issue? Well, just don't bother coming by again then."
  10. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    This is poor attitude, Motokid. You started a thread asking for people to show why they do/do not like the forum. If someone subsequently says something that you don't like/don't agree with, you can't then be all sarcastic. Stewart is perfectly right. There is one place for General Chat...
  11. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    "There is room for farting threads"???? This is the kind of thing that drives me mad.... I know there is an Off Topic section and I know that this means you will encounter off topic (i.e. off books) discussion. But why does it have to be so superficial and rubbish? Some of the threads in...
  12. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    *sigh* I've currently got so many people on my ignore list because of stupid, inane posting that nothing truly makes sense on the forums anymore. I am trying to only find the good bits of TBF, but they are so few and far between now that it feels hardly worth staying.
  13. M

    Your future at TBF - Poll

    To be honest, I pretty much hate the forum now. I'm fed up with all the backlash; I'm fed up with the constant cliques that develop; I'm fed up with the talking back to the mods and the constant griping about decisions that were taken so far in the past that they should have no relevance now...
  14. M

    Choice of two

    I've only read The Assassin's Apprentice from those two, and that was excellent.
  15. M

    Which Dan Brown To Read First?

    I would definitely suggest Angels and Demons first.
  16. M

    Can I just ask.....?

    One thing that is really, really, really bothering me about this forum currently (one of the many - I don't think is a forum I will frequent for much longer, if I'm honest!) is the way the mods deal with deleted posts/spliced threads. Spliced threads are horrible - joining two threads...
  17. M

    maggie furey

    I really enjoyed her books and intend to re-read at some point.
  18. M

    Stay or go.

    I posted 'Go'. And Phil_t said it better than I could - please refer to his previous posts for my reasons.
  19. M

    Looking for a Fantasy book by a Canadian author

    I would recommend Kelley Armstrong as well. Great books - fantasy/horror (werewolves etc). Start with Bitten.
  20. M

    The Black Magician Trilogy - Trudi Canavan

    Apparently it hasn't been edited or anything. Same book but hardcover. Published by Atom, which is the children's/YA's branch of Orbit. The 'similar to Harry Potter' is likely come about because of the period in the second book when it describes the lessons etc of the young mages. I did...