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Search results

  1. JCBC

    So I wrote a little mystery...The Numbered Cups, free next weekend.

    Friday October 2 and Saturday October 3, The Numbered Cups Mystery is free on Amazon. An intriguing book and you only invest a few hours. Just sayin'.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B011AMNC5G
  2. JCBC

    Just finished 5th Lt. James mystery, The Numbered Cups

    Just finished 5th Lt. James mystery, The Numbered Cups
  3. JCBC

    The Numbered Cups Mystery follows Mystery at Pima Point

    While Mystery at Pima Point is a Kindle Countdown Deal from November 1 to November 7, 2014, I'm finishing up The Numbered Cups Mystery, my next Lieutenant James book.
  4. JCBC

    James Patterson & David Ellis: Mistress

    James Patterson's main detective is Alex Cross. I always enjoy his books and will have to get "Mistress" to read.
  5. JCBC

    Free Mystery KIndle book

    Something Fishy in Manhattan is free on Amazon August 2nd and 3rd. A murder by blowfish mystery featuring Lieutenant James.
  6. JCBC

    General mystery discussion

    Hi, since I read the guidelines for posting, I thought it would be alright to ask members what sites they use to find mystery books, indie or print. There are so many it is hard to know which ones to visit for suggestions.
  7. JCBC

    March 2014: March Macabre: Poe vs Dahl

    I had read Black Cat before, but enjoyed both stories. I had some issues with commas, fragments, and tense with Dahl. Maybe the copy here isn't the original? He wouldn't say "She know them both" would he? Anyway, both stories portray the arrogance of the murderers and their belief that they are...
  8. JCBC

    January 2014 - Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

    Meadow, you didn't tell me there was an essay test! Kidding. The theme of a society being entertained all the time in an effort to find happiness is especially relevant, although we haven't yet reached the point of destroying poems and books that elicit other emotions. We can learn to be on...
  9. JCBC

    January 2014 - Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

    Okay, I found the depiction of Guy Montag to be well-written. At times he is naive, questioning and pondering things that should be obvious. In other scenes he is bold and insightful. That is realistic given his occupation, home life, discontent, and infatuation with the free spirit Clarisse...
  10. JCBC

    January 2014 - Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

    I found a copy of the book (among hundreds left here by my son when he moved to Japan). I read it immediately. I'm so glad I did. If it weren't for the lyric voice and emoting face of Oskar Werner, I might not remember the movie now at all. Bradbury's descriptions and writing are so much better...
  11. JCBC

    Where do you promote your books?

    Sandra, I have written two blog posts about promotions, Free Promotion Results and Top Promotion Sites, on my Decogito blog at DeCogito . You have to scroll down a little to find them, but the first lists the sites I used for my 5-day free promotion and the second post lists sites I have...
  12. JCBC

    How many books do you have on your E-reader?

    I admire Summerflyte for reading so much. I have no e-reader, just a Kindle app on my desktop. Still, I've only read 19 of the 37 ebooks on it since I got it six months ago. But I read print copies (paperbacks, mostly) more often.
  13. JCBC

    What is your all time favourite Crime, Mystery or Thriller?

    I can't possibly name one favorite mystery. I hope it's is the next good one that I read.
  14. JCBC

    What is your all time favourite Crime, Mystery or Thriller?

    I agree that Coben's Gone for Good was more riveting than Tell No One. I remember the second one as less a mystery and too repetitve for my tastes. I like Coben's style and characters, though.
  15. JCBC

    January 2014 - Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

    I read this so long ago that the movie has replaced my recollections of it. I know that's because Oskar Werner, one of my favorite actors and so easy to look at, starred as Guy. I should read it again as the ending is so great and descriptions are so much better than movie flashes.
  16. JCBC

    Mystery at Pima Point (Lt. James mysteries)

    A bride's disappearance and the murder of her bridesmaid lead Lt. James to investigate some sinister happenings at the fabulous Pima Point Resort in Phoenix. Will he find her alive before the wedding?
  17. JCBC

    Patricia Cornwell: The Body Farm

    I've read her earlier books (Southern Comfort or Cross? I think and two others). She has experience in police procedure which makes her works credible, but I prefer Christie and classic detective mysteries.
  18. JCBC

    Lee Child: Killing Floor

    I came late to the Lee Child bandwagon and didn't read The Killing Floor, but really enjoyed Tripwire. I can't see Cruise as Jack Reacher. I picture him as more burly and not quite a pretty boy.
  19. JCBC

    Agatha Christie: The Murder On The Links

    I had forgotten about Murder on the Links, I read it so long ago. Maybe not her best, but it has Christie style.
  20. JCBC

    What is your all time favourite Crime, Mystery or Thriller?

    I liked Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie and the TV adaptation was great too with Peter Ustinov as Poirot.