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  1. The Butcher

    Michael Connelly: City of Bones

    Plot: Bosch and his well-dressed partner, Jerry Edgar, are working to identify a child's skeleton, buried for 20 years in the forest off Hollywood's Wonderland Drive, and to bring the killer to belated justice. For Bosch this is more than just another homicide, as the mystery child, beaten and...
  2. The Butcher

    Blood Rites by Jim Butcher

    Plot: Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment. For Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard, there have been worse assignments than going undercover on the set of an adult film. Dodging...
  3. The Butcher

    Jack Higgins

    He is a British Author who has written many famous books like for example: The Eagle Has Landed(Which I have not read yet) Also the famous Sean Dillion series.I have read only two books out of the series,which were the first two,with two so far being the best. Plot of Eye Of the...
  4. The Butcher

    Micheal Connelly: The Concrete Blonde

    Well were back with the 3rd book of the Harry Bosch Series. Now Bosch is facing his trial for "unlawfully" killing The Dollmaker in the past.Also now A note from Dollmaker has shown up,how could a person that got shot in the heart still be alive?Bosch now has to do 2 VERY important things.With...
  5. The Butcher

    Michael Connelly: The Black Ice

    Overall better than the first.Bosch is even more awesome in this,with his new and improved "**** you" attitude. This is even a bigger plot twist than the first,also more interesting once you get into how people deal drugs,and how they get across the borders. My rating: :stars4:
  6. The Butcher

    Micheal Connelly

    Who has read his work? So far I have tried(These 3 are the first book of a series) : The Poet:Mcevoy was a good character,but his plot sucked The Lincoln Lawyer: Mick was a good character,but his was complicated,so I will try to reader it later. The Black Echo: I love Harry Bosch as a...
  7. The Butcher


    Well,who is ready for the next Season tonight!? This is one of the best shows on Television right now.Great plot,good characters,awesome suspense. It is a remake of a old show back in the 80's I think?
  8. The Butcher

    MEG Series

    Has anyone read one of the most famous Sci-Fi books of all time!? It's about a former Navy sub pilot that went to the Mariana Trench then thought he saw the extinct Shark called the Megladon. A famous person called Masao Tanaka,wanted Jonas Taylor to go down the the Mariana Trench again to...
  9. The Butcher

    Kinsec & Serial Killer book recomendations

    A Kinsec Detective is a person who can read body language,voice or eyes,and interpret if their nervous,happy,sad etc. So far I have only read Jeffery Deaver's Kathryn Dance Novels. I want a book that either is from the killers POV(American Psycho or Darkly Dreaming Dexter),or it mainly...
  10. The Butcher

    Mystery fan

    New here,and I looked everywhere for a literature discussion forum and finally found one. Well my favorite Literature character is in my Avy. Plus I love Mystery Novels,with Sci-Fi coming in a close second.I look forward to meeting you all.