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Search results

  1. fluffy bunny

    Amazon Vine

    Has anyone else been invited to this? Been invited for the UK version. Basically amounts to free stuff for a few reviews here and there (and I've only got 4 or 5 reviews up on amazon from a few years back).
  2. fluffy bunny

    Are books bad for the environment?

    Just a random musing... In this day and age with all the hooha about carbon emissions etc, is it worth considering the trees that need to be chopped down to create the books we all know and love? What would happen if books were taxed through the roof? Should people be encouraged to use...
  3. fluffy bunny

    Boardgames anyone?

    Socially, boardgames are a little better for you than playing on your Playstation. Over the last few years, hundreds of games have come onto the market vying for positions traditionally occupied by monopoly, scrabble and risk. Simple family games, roleplaying, self contained wargames - all got a...
  4. fluffy bunny

    What I've learnt from film and TV

    So what pearls of wisdom have you learnt from movies and their lovely logic: Some to start with Bombs always have big, blinking, beeping timer displays. Evil geniuses who devise bombs to destroy things/people are always thoughtful enough to include a visible display (usually LED) of how...
  5. fluffy bunny

    Don't give a cow man

    Had this cool site pointed out to me earlier. Had to share it (click around including the FAQs): http://www.cowabduction.com
  6. fluffy bunny

    Well I'm back

    So what did I miss? Which evil mastermind managed to take over the show in my absence?
  7. fluffy bunny

    Gregory David Roberts: Shantaram

    Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts Has anyone read this novel yet? I had a read of the first few pages on amazon and I must say I was quite enjoying it. Hopefully one to rival Eugenides' Middlesex. I've put a pre-order in for the paperback version due out in March.
  8. fluffy bunny

    David Anthony Durham

    Technically he writes historical fiction. Has anyone read any of his work? He's written the following: Gabriel's Story Walk Through Darkness Pride of Carthage I'm just asking as my little brother's given me a hefty looking tome called 'Pride of Carthage' (after getting fed up of me...
  9. fluffy bunny

    Well noone mentions it but,,,

    How do you think the series would have developed if Harry had been sorted into the Slytherin house? It does seem to me to be an interesting avenue for an 'alternative universe' set of stories with an endless realm of possibilities. Darkness. Destiny. Redemption & Salvation.
  10. fluffy bunny

    Harry Potter Comic

    Well, I've been rereading my Harry Potter books so I can get around to book 5 sometime (plus they don't need much thought to read IMHO). The thing that struck me on the reread was the way in which they were paced. Rather than that of a novel, I'd suggest the pacing's very similar to that of...
  11. fluffy bunny


    This is all your fault Freya Well I quite like this one: http://www.isc.ro/download.html Is there somewhere I can get a list of 2 letter words (the big words I come up with only come up with 9 or 10 points, whilst the annoying 2 letter words come up with 20-30 by intersecting with multiple...
  12. fluffy bunny

    Second hand bookshops

    How many people use second hand bookshops? And where'd they all disappear to? The closest I've seen at the moment seems to be ebay (though I guess the Oxfam shop qualifies although the selection isn't always great).
  13. fluffy bunny

    Alexandre Dumas: The Count Of Monte Cristo

    Well, it keeps getting mentioned but there's no real discussion about the book version here as of yet. What did people think of the book and its characters? I'm going to give the ***SPOILER WARNING*** in advance since those blacked out boxes can get annoying. Personally I enjoyed it...
  14. fluffy bunny

    Fictional best friend

    Well, I'm taking this from one of those 'Legacy of the Big Read' booklets. If you could choose any character from a book or comic to hang out with, who would you choose and why?
  15. fluffy bunny

    Alice Hoffman

    Going through, the 'currently reading' thread, it appears that Alice Hoffman seems to be quite popular amongst some of the readers here with books such as Here on Earth, Practical Magic, The River King, Seventh Heaven and the like. Which of her books have you read, and for you what's so...
  16. fluffy bunny

    The state of play. Jul-Dec '04

    *puts on official hat* I have closed the current Jul-Dec '04 thread as it wasn't getting very far (though there were some very good suggestions made). The current July book is 'A Suitable Boy.' However, August is just around the corner, and we don't have a book lined up. In hindsight...
  17. fluffy bunny

    Eric Ambler

    Well I get my recommendations from various sources. This person writes crime novels in the noir style. His most famous work seems to be A Coffin for Dimitrios . Has anyone read his books, and if so how do they compare with the other crime writers who occasionally dabble in that style (eg Raymond...
  18. fluffy bunny

    phil's ass

    :eek: so after months undercover, the ass is now exposed
  19. fluffy bunny

    The 'Real Read'

    I didn't know before, but the Daily Telegraph along with Ottakers are running 'The Real Read' (kind of like last year's Big Read only with non-fiction novels). The top ten can be found in the poll: http://www.ottakars.co.uk/Internet/realread/realread_vote.jsp With the winner being announced...
  20. fluffy bunny

    It's all a matter of perspective

    When reading, do you prefer stories told from a first person perspective or a third person perspective? How important is perspective to you? Are some stories better told in a given perspective than others?